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The Content You’ll Find on Every Successful Site

A website or blog needs to have a content strategy that would cover the bases and help it succeed. You have heard that content is king, but remember that throughout history, we all have seen bad kings alongside great ones.

What kind of content should you have on your site to make sure you succeed?  Here are four: Read More

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Staying Strong in Your Moment of Blogging Weakness

Sadness ImageThere’s no secret that times are tough right now. Money is tight, jobs are scarce and that’s true across all professions, including bloggers.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur blogger doing it mostly for fun, a part time blogger doing the work as a secondary income or a professional blogger who does this to pay the rent/mortgage, the online economy, though it’s getting better, is still tough.

This can put even the best blogger under a lot of pressure, especially with bills coming due and obligations to meet. Sadly, a lot of people online have realized this and begun to take advantage of it, tempting bloggers with everything from ultra-low paying writing gigs to unscrupulous offers.

When faced with bills and an overwhelming feeling of failure, many bloggers are tempted by these tricks and find themselves pulled into a world that can be difficult to get out of, even when better offers are available.

If you’re faced with a blogging crisis, it’s important to stay strong and keep fighting, after all, your integrity as a blogger and a writer is the most valuable thing you have and, once you sell it, you can never get it back. Read More

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Recipe Finder: A New Recipe Search Engine to Look Out For

Recipe search engine

Recipe Finder Logo

Recipe Finder is the newest search engine on the the block, and it holds a lot of promise for newbie and experienced cooks alike. This recipe search engine was built with the needs of the average person, while at the same time incorporating features that the more seasoned user will find useful. Built using a custom-made search engine, Recipe Finder looks like it is going to be a player to reckon with in its niche. For starters, it has the largest recipe collection one can find online today. With almost 1.7 million recipes (right now) and more than 700,000 recipe images, Recipe Finder does have something to say. Even better, the search engine indexes the most trusted recipe web sites on a continuous basis, ensuring that the collection will only grow as time passes by. Read More

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2012 SEO Software Primer

The major reason why the best seo software creators help businesses and blogs build a better web presence is so businesses can dominate as many major search engines at any given time as technologically conceivable. However, the problem with even the best seo software–even the one’s that made the countless top lists of 2011– are that they lack the consistency to dominate every major search engine all of the time. Consistency is an unattainable achievement that the best seo software companies only wish they could promise for businesses with a definable web presence.

While most businesses and individuals with a definable and marketable online presence have come to realize that manual efforts to increase traffic is a task of the past, or actually more of a crapshoot, there’s going to come a time when businesses will do something new. Businesses and individuals are going to have to employ several different best seo software packages to manage their online presence on different search engines and/or various fields of interests/niches on their websites with a specific goal in mind. Read More

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Bounce Rate and How To Combat It

Google has trained us, as searchers to believe that the top results are the best fit, most relevant and the most likely place to find the answer to our question.  So the top of the search results is right where every site wants to be because, that is where the traffic is.

Google may decide which site is most relevant for a particular search term but it is the searcher who decides if that site is what they are looking for and Google can monitor this through a sites bounce rate. If the majority of a sites traffic bounces away with in seconds of landing on that page Google will monitor this and may decide to recommend another site over yours. Read More

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Five Types of Freelance Writing Gigs

Freelance writing makes our lives easier. It gives us freedom, the ability to work when we want (sometimes) and the ability to express our voice through the word combinations we create with our sentences. The Internet has taken “our voice” to places we never thought possible and because of it our thoughts and words can now reach all the corners of the world. Read More

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How To Instantly Cripple Your Blog When Installing Facebook Commenting

Facebook LogoBloggingPro recently changed from a standard WordPress commenting system to the Facebook Commenting platform, a move that now allows our readers not only to engage with one another but also post comments to their Facebook page, inviting their friends into the mix. While Facebook continues to make their commenting system a more robust offering users who simply ditch their old platform for the new Facebook platform are instantly crippling their blog.

From an SEO standpoint every single comment entered into a blog provides additional information for your post, that content is read by search engines and becomes included in search results. If the blog has dozens, hundreds or even thousands of previous comments simply removing those comments completely changes the “digital landscape” of your content, possibly removing your high ranking posts from their search engine placement.

From an engagement standpoint your most loyal users may feel slighted after they took the time to create many dedicated conversations on your blog only to have them removed for a new system. Read More

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Blogging Pro Job Board Highlights (September 12-16)

Blogging Pro Job BoardHow did this week treat you? We hope that you enjoyed some productive days. Before you go ahead and enjoy the weekend, let’s take a look at some of the jobs we posted this week.

Freelance Tech Writer

How would you like to earn $18 an article for writing something you’re really passionate about? Demand Studios is willing to pay you that, and you get to stay at home, too! Read More

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How to Kill the Conversation You Create

Fundamentally, every blog post is a bit like throwing a spark onto kindling. Your goal is to spark a fire, to start something that will interest others, grow well beyond your blog and perhaps take on a life of your own.

One of the key components of that fire is the conversation that starts up around your post and your site. That’s where the community around your work starts, it’s one of the key motivations for sharing your work and it’s an important tool in growing your site and your presence online.

However, nurturing this conversation is much more than offering a comment box and a Tweet button on your site, It involves an active effort on your part to stoke the flames and keep the interest alive.

While it might be annoying, especially for bloggers who just want to write and not think about these types of issues, ignoring the social aspect of blogging often leads to one’s site stagnating due to lack of interest and no ability to give potential readers what they want.

So how do you encourage this conversation and, more importantly, not miss it or kill it? To understand that we need to first take a look at how dialog happens on the Web and how this can work both for and against you. Read More

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Track & Test To Improve Your Website’s Usability

Usability is one feature of a website that no designer can afford to overlook. Of course, some obvious rules apply such as underlined and highlighted links so they are easy to find and use. Also, using a sitemap for easy navigation and SEO optimization are other tools that help your website be as useable and visitor friendly as possible. It is true that these rules are not necessary for every website. However, understanding these rules so that you can choose the best ones for your website will help lead to more traffic, more return traffic, greater sales and happier visitors from the market you are trying to attract. Read More

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