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Be First

When I worked for a major cable news network, we were always several steps behind the competition. This was not because of laziness or stupidity — it was by design.

Upper management believed in allowed others to do things first, and then react based on results/viewer opinion. This gave the network the opportunity to be BEST, not necessarily first. And the tactic has been very successful for them. But there’s one thing that sets them apart from you…they are a big brand name.

As a blogger, you do not have that luxury.

Yes, you should always strive to get things right out of the gate. However, as a blogger, I believe it’s often better to be first. The pros far outweigh the cons.  And you can always apologize later.

Getting out of the gate early gives bloggers several advantages over their blogging competition. Here is why being an early adopter is a wise move. Read More

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Why You Need An Authoritative Voice Before Accepting Sponsored Blog Posts


BloggingIf you’re new to the world of blogging and content development there’s a good chance you were sucked in with the promise of fortunes beyond your wildest dreams, the truth of the matter is that very few bloggers are successful at creating a full-time income from their blogs and even fewer become rich from their efforts.

One of the biggest reasons bloggers fail to make a living comes from the fact that they attempt to monetize their blogs through sponsored posts before the time is right.

So what’s the big deal? You throw up a few sponsored posts and you make a few dollars. The issue comes down to authority. If you’re new readership realizes that your posts are all sponsored by company’s you don’t have the ability to develop an authoritative voice free from intervention from outside forces. Read More

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Online Earning Myths Uncovered

Does it seem as though every time you turn around, someone else is telling you a story about how they made a ton of money online? What’s frustrating about this is that although you can make a living with online revenue, it’s hard to tell which story to believe and which ones are simply gimmicks. In fact, you can go on nearly any writing site and find people who will tell you how to get rich online but then go into the forums and find those same individuals asking for help and advice because they’re new to the online world.

Before you believe everything you read and follow in the footsteps of someone you don’t know and who really has not earned any credibility, you need to be aware of the truth regarding three popular myths.  Read More

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Blogging Pro Job Board Highlights (October 10-14)

Blogging Pro Job BoardIf you are based in the UK, you probably spent this week eating as much chocolate as you want. It is National Chocolate Week over there after all. However, just because you are based somewhere else does not necessarily mean you cannot join them in celebrating, does it?

An even better reason to celebrate, though, is if you find a gig or two that can bring in some money. So it’s time for this week’s job board highlights. Good luck! Read More

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HostUCan: A Web Hosting Relevancy Tool For Finding The Right Service

HostUCan Finder BoxChoosing a web hosting service can be a mind boggling task, first you need to make sure the type of software you are using is supported (Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, etc.) and then you have to determine data uptime levels, check pricing levels to meet your budget and perhaps even find user and editor reviews of the service to make sure it’s reliable. Thankfully the web hosting relevancy tool by HostUCan makes that process simple through streamlined testing and review options.

I knew the moment I visited that the product would be simple to use. The right hand side of the website features a large box titled “Application Hosting Search” where I started by choosing the “WordPress” framework and then choosing “0~300″ daily page views to find a host for a smaller WordPress site that’s just starting out.

HostUCan Search Box Read More

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5 Reasons Your Blog’s Branding Sucks

Branding ImageBlog branding is hard work. If you started blogging because you wanted to write, you’re probably not the world’s best designer and, though building a site is pretty fun, it’s a task that gets in the way getting new content online.

The problem is that blog branding is extremely important for your site. Not only is it one of the best ways to reduce your bounce rate, but it’s what gets your content taken seriously and lets your writing speak for itself.

As we’ve talked about before, you can’t ignore blog design and blog branding, no matter how much you want to. To make matters worse, contrary to what promotional material for various CMSes say, you can’t just download an attractive theme and go.

Unfortunately, if we’re playing the odds alone, chances are that your blog branding sucks right now. While it’s not your fault, you can rest assured many of your visitors will blame you for it and hold it against you and your content.

The good news is that if you avoid a few simple mistakes, you can go a long way to building a good blogging brand and giving your site the chance it deserves to thrive. Read More

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How to Be a Better Blogger, Guaranteed

Blogging is not difficult. In fact, if you know something, and are prepared to write about it on a regular basis, in actuality, blogging is quite simple.

Sure you can get lost for a lifetime in SEO and audience development and Web analytics and about 1,000 other moving parts — but when it comes down to it, successful bloggers write great content and adhere to several basic principles.

This post assumes that your command of language is stellar and that your grammar skills are up to snuff. Once your “housekeeping” is in order, I recommend that every blog post you write have at least two of these three key elements. If you can incorporate all three, better yet!

Your blog posts must…

Read More

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Improving Your Blogs Bounce Rate With “Best Practices”

Wordpress Plug-InPoor bounce rates on a website is one of the easiest ways to bleed pageviews and while sometimes you can’t help it when users leave your site after a quick read there are some “best practices” you can implements in your writing and throughout your sites structure to ensure your bounce rate doesn’t reach astronomical levels.

Keep in mind that there is no “guarantee” that your bounce rate will increase the moment you implement all of these tips, however if you continue to tweak your website following these simple guidelines you should see results over time.

Read More

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New Trends In Analytics: Tag Management

As organizations look to continue pushing their online presence, their websites are likely to see an influx of page tags. These tags can vary from affiliate marketing to web analytics. As the tags stockpile on the site, marketing teams may experience some difficulty keeping up. A tag management system can be used to resolve this issue.

A tag management system helps a company turn the managing of tags over to the marketing team. These systems allow for a managing interface which allows a marketing team to easily keep their obligations fulfilled. Read More

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Blogging Pro Job Board Highlights (October 3-7)

Blogging Pro Job BoardHow is October shaping up for you? I hope that you have been busy with jobs – old and new. It’s time for the Job Board Highlights again, and I wish you luck in finding new gigs.

Freelance Blogger for Paper Site

It’s not what you (might) think it is. This blogging job is for people who have a passion for paper – as in the writing material made from tree pulp. If that is you, then go show them what you’ve got! Read More

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