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3 Potent Blogging Tools to Build Your Rank

I don’t know if you ever thought about it but the most potent factor in any business is time.  No matter what your field of endeavor, it takes time to do the tasks associated with making it a success. Since time comes in the same quantity to everyone, how you utilize your time is of the utmost importance in growing a business or building a satisfying life.

In blogging or any other business, productive time equals success whereas wasted time equals lost revenue.  But you must find a balance between doing the work necessary to build a business and still have time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.  If you spend all your time building your business so you will have the resources to enjoy life, what have you accomplished if you don’t have time left to enjoy it?  

So with that in mind, this article is written to share some tools of the trade which will help you be a more successful blogger by organizing your work time so you achieve more in less time.

Don’t Assume High Hopes/Good Intentions Guarantee Success

I began my site to fill a need for a one stop place for trusted information on products rather than spending hours going from site to site.  Prior to that, I had become so frustrated at the massive amount of information available on every topic which took hours in research gathering and sorting – so much that by the time I found what I was looking for, I didn’t even want the product anymore.

I began with high expectations and was highly motivated to make it an instant success.  I wanted to save my readers the time and hassle of research, but I knew I had to find ways to organize my searches in order to do them quicker and more efficiently.

So when my cousin mentioned she and her husband were putting themselves on the path to health by losing weight and eating healthier I volunteered to review heavy duty blenders & juicers for her.  She wanted one which would do a variety of things like make protein shakes, sorbets, vegetable juices etc.

As I searched the web for information on a blender, I also looked for tools which would allow me to research more efficiently.  I found the very best value for money and most efficient blender was the Vita-Mix CIA professional series blender and where she could buy it at the best price.

At the same time, I found two software tools which allowed me to search more quickly and easily than I ever had before. I’d like to share these tips with you to help you make more productive use of your time.

1.  Organize and Save Time

One time consuming part of research is continually entering new URLs, opening spreadsheets and documents, and looking for photos saved.  I found the Vita-Mix CIA blender and at the same time I found a web based service called which offers a method to keep all research and notes on a project in one place.

There are other similar sites, but for me, EverNote seems easier to use.  It lets you copy text, save audio, video and pretty much anything else.  You tag each item and when you need it, you may pull up all your research info on a particular project, by searching the tag – all your data appears in one place like magic.  Another great thing is the basic service is free.

2.  Simplify and Save Time

Other tasks which are time consuming are the daily log-ins for all your sites like WordPress, email, social media, web hosting service, etc.  You have them bookmarked already but you still use quite a bit of time going from site to site.

Again, I was excited to find another site, also free, which is far superior to bookmarking at saving time.  It’s a start page called It allows as many as 20 categories and unlimited links in each category.  It has a friendly layout and an “all-in-one feature which eliminates the need to open new windows on each visit.  This made it possible for me to research endless reviews and info quickly and find the right style of Vitamix blender which was a perfect fit for my cousin’s needs.

Lastly, for anyone into daily affirmations, you know, setting your goals, and keeping them handy,  there is another great feature on PageLeap which will roll your goals across the screen to keep you motivated.  Use of these two services will save you more time than you ever imagined; EverNote to store content and PageLeap for fantastic navigation!

3.  Be More Productive

We’ve discussed tools to help us save time in research which gives us more time to write content.  Now, let’s talk about making your content more productive.

You know how Panda looks at anchor text pointing to your site, and how you need to give your articles as much ‘authority” as possible so your back links get the maximum SERP results.  But do you know you can make your articles do double duty – make them be more productive for you?  You can do this by…

Guest blogging, with a “twist”

You need quality back links and one method of speeding up the process is to find PR3 to PR6 sites which allow guest blog content.  One such site is which ranks very highly and you can use these high ranking sites to get higher “authority” anchor texts which point back to your site.  The “twist” is you can be getting extra mileage out of each article by using it on one site, then re-phrasing it several times, making unique articles to use on different sites – all from the research you did for a solo article.  Each article will require only slight tweaks to re-focus it, but needs to be re written in its entirety to make absolutely sure of its uniqueness. This is by far the most effective method I’ve found to really give your site a dramatic boost with the Search Engines.

As times goes by, you will find other tools to help save you time and make you more productive, but until you do, try these three suggestions and you will be thrilled at the results.

Bruce Stevens enjoys creating reviews of popular products on his review website; A Canadian, living on the eastern slopes of the Rockies, he can also be found on his popular blog;

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  1. Grim Cris ) says: 11/5/2011

    I’ve enjoyed your article. I use Evernote on my phone, to save notes, but I’ve never really test it on the web. Thanks for this idea. I will try PageLeap too.


  2. Bruce ) says: 11/5/2011

    That;s funny, I’ve never thought of Evernote on my phone, but I sure use it on the web. You’ll like PageLeap, great for setting your goals, they hit you front row & center every time you log on.


  3. Dianne Lee ) says: 11/8/2011

    I am agree with your article. Evernote is very useful app. I use this app on my android since several months ago. It effectively safe time. When in home, i wrote note on desktop. Then, i can access my notes on my android phone at everywhere.


  4. sem calcinha says: 2/28/2012

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