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Nov. 29 Is ‘Pay A Blogger Day’ So Buy Your Favorite Writer A Drink

FlattrToday is the perfect time of the year to pay your favorite blogger for their hard work and dedication to the fields they cover. Dubbed ‘Pay A Blogger Day’ by startup Flattr.

Flattr is a micropayments website that allows users to purchase tokens which they can then use to pay bloggers small amounts of money by clicking on the Flattr button found on various websites (pictured above).

The site is encouraging users to use the Flatt Click Button or even buy your favorite blogger an ebook, their favorite songs or even a t-shirt.

Speaking about the movement Flattr co-founder Linus Olsson told Mashable:

“We think that many blogs are insightful and witty and people just expect them to be free even though there are a lot of effort and love put into them,” and “It’s about time to try to give them something tangible back, at least one day of the year.”

While the day is obviously a great marketing ploy by the micropayments website it’s also an easy way to pay fractions on the dollar to your favorite writers. For example a simple $5 payment is disbursed throughout the month based on your clicks, for example if you have $5 in your account but only click on one Flattr button that writer will receive 100% of the disbursement, however if you click on 10 buttons that money at the end of the month is distributed among all of your clicks.

Helping spread the word about today’s events are Posterous, Bambuser and Twingly.

As one blogger says on the Flattr site:

“This month … I’ve made $0.03, but it was the best $0.03 I ever made.”

It’s easy to forget that many bloggers put in long hours (I can log 18 hours on many days), it’s not quite the “work eight hours a week” pipe dream fed to readers by “make money blogging” website owners.

So take some time today and support your favorite blogger, heck even a beer or a cup of hot chocolate on a cold day can make a writers week, maybe even their month.

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