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Blogging Pro Job Board Highlights (November 14-18)

Blogging Pro Job BoardWe’re halfway through November, with Thanksgiving just around the corner. How are things going? Here’s something to add even more cheer to your Friday, just before you enjoy the weekend. Good luck!

Sports Writer

This job is for the Marin Independent Journal Website and Newspaper, which is based in San Rafael, CA. If you know your sports and are passionate about the subject, this will be a good fit for you. Read More

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New WordPress Plugins For Social Media, Proof Reading and User Feedback

Wordpress PluginsThe robust WordPress platform allows developer to quickly churn out competent plugins that can make our lives as web designers easier. In this weeks newest WordPress plugins we examine a new way to display Facebook Fan Box output, take a look at a grammar and plagiarism plugin and dive into the world of a page specific feedback tool.

We also examine a new way to import audio files from YouTube without the need for their included video and examine how users can easily use their social media logins to comment via the WordPress commenting system.

Take a look at each of the plugins below and let us know which one you find the most useful. Read More

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Are Online Social Networks Healthy or Harmful to Your Well-Being?

What does a typical day in your life look like, technology-wise? Perhaps you find yourself waking up each morning feeling as if you simply must check your Facebook and email. And then maybe you decide to send a wake-up message into the Twitterverse…but not before looking at your Myspace account (just in case). After which you spend various moments throughout the day consulting your chosen Smartphone in order to check these social networks, again and again.

Well, you’re not alone. It comes as a surprise to no one that online social networks have taken over many aspects of our day-to-day lives. A reported one-sixth of the planet is on Facebook, Twitter currently has about 175 million users – and most of us can count ourselves among these numbers. People are absolutely addicted to social networking, no doubt about it. So, the question is: are these online social networks healthy or harmful to our overall well-being and happiness? Read More

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5 Business Models that Suck Less Than Advertising

Money Dice ImageLast week, we talked about why advertising sucks as a business model for the majority of bloggers. Fundamentally, it came down to a numbers game, unless you have a site that targets ultra-high-paying keywords or an extremely large audience, you’re unlikely to ever see a check.

However, that raises a tough question: What business models can work for a small-to-medium sized blog?

There are actually many that can work, they just aren’t as easy as slapping a bunch of Adsense ads on your site and calling it a day. In order to make money from your visitors, you need to be prepared to extract more value from them and that’s going to mean putting in more effort.

But that doesn’t mean it’s difficult or even time-consuming, just that you have to take an extra step or two to make it happen.

That being said, here are 5 business models for bloggers that have a lot better potential for revenue than basic advertising. Read More

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Engaging Content Posts Don’t Stop After You Hit Publish

BloggingWhen you have a conversation with a friend, co-worker or family member there’s a good chance that many of your conversations will be brought up again in the future, perhaps to add something new you’ve learned about the subject or perhaps to answer further questions about the conversation.

The ability to continue a conversation is one area where many bloggers fail to excel, whether it’s answering a few user questions or adding more information to the conversation the ability to actively engage your visitors can be what truly creates your “engaging” content.

1. Answering Questions

This step serves two purposes, the first is to instill a sense of trust in your visitors. As you answer questions you are able to position yourself as an authority on the subject you have written about (especially important if you are a new voice in the blogosphere). Even if you have to do some research on your own part to find the answer you not only learn something you but also show your visitors that you are invested in them the way you hope they will become invested in you.

The second part of answering questions is the ability to create new content. For example you may find that several of your users are looking for information not covered in your post, by writing a new entry and then commenting that entry as your answer you not only help your users with more than a simple comment answer but provide valuable content to them and other readers who will likely have the same questions asked by many of your vistitors. Read More

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10 Web SEO Mistakes That Webmasters Make

SEO can be defined as the set of methods that are focused towards improving the search engine standings of a website. You might be thinking that what is the need of knowing such a basic thing and you have worked hard to find out how to get a high rank for your website. You are all pumped up to apply all that you have learned over the internet to your website. But let me warn you that SEO may seem relatively simple but it is a minefield and sometimes even the professionals tend to get off the track with slightest of mistakes. In this article we are going to discuss some common web SEO mistakes that most of the webmasters commit and it will help you to avoid this type of mistakes. Read More

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Blogging Pro Job Board Highlights (November 7-11)

Blogging Pro Job BoardSo it’s 11/11/11 today. What does it mean to you? I know a couple of people who are getting married today. There are some who are making wishes, in the hopes that this “special” day will make them come true. Then there are those who are simply looking forward to getting their hands on Skyrim. Whatever this day means to you, I hope you find a gig to keep your bank account healthy.

Here are the highlights from this week’s job listings.

Law Firm Blogger

A New York law firm is looking for a blogger and web content writer to update their sites. You can either work from home or in their offices. The compensation is different for remote workers, though. Read More

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HRecipe WordPress Plugin Delivers Google Rich Snippets, Better Recipe Search Results

Google Recipe SearchIf you’ve built a recipe website using WordPress and you’ve become frustrated by the lack of visitor results you’re receiving from Google search it’s likely that your recipes have not been formatted using Google Rich Snippets, an option that provides a better way to leverage SEO results by wrapping your content in the correct type of Google Recipe search formatting.

In order to accomplish this goal I suggest HRecipe, a simple to use program that allows recipes to be entered directly from “Post Pages” while editing those recipes as required in the future.

The program can be found in the plugin repository HERE or found through a plugin search from your WordPress administrator area.

Once installed simply navigate to a new post and click on the “HRecipe” logo which is found next to your image, video and other upload icons at the top of the edit area. After clicking on the logo link you will see a page that looks like this: Read More

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5 Reasons Advertising Usually Sucks as a Blogging Business Model

Putting up a BillboardIt’s the golden road for bloggers, it’s how every great writer is supposed to make his millions (or at least thousands) off the Web. You start up an awesome blog, write great content, build a good audience, slap up a few Adsense ads and let the money come rolling in.

While it’s a system that works great for some bloggers, for a vast majority it’s a road to nowhere. A select few get rich, a few more get some spending money and the majority never even see a check.

For most blogs, advertising is a terrible business model. For them, it doesn’t work, it can’t work and it never will work. It’s that simple.

I learned this the hard way myself years ago and I cringe as I was other bloggers go down the same path, usually falling flat on their face.

Why is advertising such a terrible business model? The reasons are painfully obvious when one takes the time to look for them, but few, blinded by the promise of easy money, see the reasons until they’re staring at their paltry earnings report.

Still, for those who want to know why this is a bitter truth, I’ve outlined five reasons below. Read More

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Effective Time Management for Bloggers: Some Useful Tips

Most people think that blogging is an easy job. But what people don’t know is that, just like any other job, it has its own unique set of obstacles and challenges. Blogging may allow you to work at home, which to some people sound like the best deal in the world. But working at home also means you have to be very diligent in your time management. There are far more distractions when you work at home, for example the daily chores at home you need to do or the demands of the family especially if you have children. These are just some of the things that will demand your time and could pull you away from what you actually need to do at work. Read More

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