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  1. Jared

    Amanda, great ideas.

    I’m currently working on ways to setup more interviews on my calendar.

    I’m actually trying to target live interviews that are recorded that way I can share them and people can listen to them in the car, by the pool, or where ever they are.

    The tough part is getting people to sit down with you and talk.

    Sometimes the people I ask are either way to busy or shy and don’t feel confident in their own knowledge.

    Anyways, good stuff and thought I should say something.


  2. Amanda DiSilvestro

    Great idea about recording the interviews. Podcasts and YouTube are becoming more and more influential. I think you’re right about people often being shy or too busy for an interview, and that didn’t really come across in my article so I’m glad you brought it up. I think you have to have a pretty powerful site to get a real expert to sit down and talk; however there are usually people in your everyday life who may have something to add in your blog. I think smaller blogs should try and get creative with their interviews. If this isn’t possible, this may be one point that a blog can strive toward. Thanks so much for reading!

  3. Jide Ogunsanya

    Great tips there…getting people to answer interview questions ain’t really easy though. I use to review popular websites and softwares and I do get good organic traffic from doing so.

    • Amanda DiSilvestro

      I would have to agree–it’s not the easiest thing in the world to find great people to interview. However, I think there are a lot of people out there who would make for a fascinating interview, but they aren’t very popular yet. These are the types of people you should be trying to find at first! Look at everyone you know–editors, old college professors, family members–and you may be surprised to find that they have a story to tell.

  4. Adriana

    thanks for share!

  5. sem calcinha

    Adoro me mostrar peladinha na web cam

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