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  1. @jonwellman

    I use Vimeo for the occasional video post upload and Evernote for drafting and idea storage.

    • Amanda DiSilvestro

      I didn’t even THINK about video posts. Great tip. And I have heard a lot of bloggers love Evernote. I personally use Awesome Note, but it sounds like you can’t go wrong with either choice. Thanks for reading!

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  3. Harsh Agrawal

    Thanks for the list..
    Here are few from me:
    Google plus
    And waiting for managewp iOS app..

  4. Killer13

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  5. Samuel K

    And here is my top 5 list of online shopping apps for iphone and android devices:
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    2. Jifiti

  6. dave

    Flipboard is an awesome app, Ive been using that a lot recently

  7. Dhruv Bhagat

    I loved the BAM Analytic Pro.. That’s cool :)

    Anyways, WordPress for iPhone is must for bloggers :)

  8. Shruti

    I truly rely on Evernote, Bloggers and dropbox to run my business. I guess, I would not be able to carry out my work without three of them. The rest of your recommendations and review are quite impressive. I’ll definitely check ‘em out. Thanks Amanda for recommending these apps.

  9. neha

    i love flipboard, BAM and WordPress offcourse… great review ..thanks for the recommendation..keep updating us…!!!

  10. sharma

    i like wordpress much…awesome review…thanks for the post…keep rocking with awesome updates…!!

  11. sharma

    Flipboard is an awesome app, Ive been using that a lot recently…awesom this…!!

  12. Erik Orona

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