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How to Write a Headline That Packs a Punch

Coming up with fresh headlines for your articles day after day can sometimes become a little tiresome. It is very easy to put a title which comes into your head without actually spending time thinking about how powerful it is. When it comes to drawing in visitors to your sites the headline is perhaps the most important part of the content. After all it is this tag line which will be shared on your social media sites and perhaps in your email marketing too. If the headline fails to attract the right attention not many people will want to spend the time to click through and see if you have something which is worth reading.

Three Great Headlines to Use on Your Site

So do you go about coming up with the perfect headline which will compel anyone reading it to spend a few minutes reading about what you have to say? Well, there are some simple formulas which have been tried and tested in the past. These can be very useful if you are looking for ideas that work. All you need to worry about then is being able to follow through on the headline with quality content which delivers on what the headline has promised to your readers.

  • The promise of a secret

Although this is a common headline tag a secret is often enough to attract the right kind of attention. The problem is that you must deliver on your promises. Don’t say you have a secret when in fact all you have is a commonly known solution which can be found anywhere else on the Internet. Think long and hard about whether or not you are actually sharing a secret before using the secret title.

“The Secret to Blogging Success is Finally Revealed”

  • The proven method which solves a problem

If you have a skill, product or service which provides a solution to your target audience why not entice them to your site with details of a method which is working wonders for others.

“A New Method to Help You Make Money from Your Blog”

  • Tell people what they ought to already know

Nobody likes to feel out of the loop so why not try headlines which can make the reader feel slightly unsure of the knowledge they hold on a subject. This is a case of using the natural curiosity of your readers to see if they already know the information you are sharing or if they could actually be learning something new.

“Ten Things You Ought to Know about Blogging for Business”

 Thinking up New Ideas

Of course there are only so many times you can use set headline formulas before you site starts to look repetitive and unimaginative.  The trick is to really understand the people you are writing for. What are they hoping to achieve by visiting your website, and how are you able to assist them and leave them feeling happy with the content they have discovered?

Think about what your blog post is providing to your readers, what are they gaining? Can you evoke their emotions in any way? Add these ideas to your titles when possible, show that there is a very good reason for them to spend the next few minutes on your website and do your best to make sure they are not left disappointed at the end of it.

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  1. Jamie Northrup ) says: 3/5/2012

    Headlines are so crucial, it’s the difference between someone clicking and reading a post and them walking away.


  2. Rosemary Jayne ) says: 3/5/2012

    Copyblogger have a free book you can download called “52 Headline Hacks” which is great – the idea is you go through the examples in the book and write down 2-3 of your own versions for every example title and then you’ll have 52 great titles you can use on your blog. It’s pretty great :)

    As you said in the article “The problem is that you must deliver on your promises.” – I hate it when I click on a great title and find a 2 line part at the end of the post that’s related. The obvious exceptions are April Fool’s day and deliberately silly titles.


  3. News of MP says: 3/6/2012

    Very nice article. New idea concept is pretty good. Will try on my blog.

    Thank you.


  4. soubhik ) says: 3/6/2012

    with millions of bloges getting posted daily it’s the title that catches the readers attention, so what i believe is unless your title is good enough to pull the readers you will have lil hope to grow your blog at a faster rate….


  5. trevor says: 8/10/2012

    I’ve found that the best way to write online headlines is to give your reader some sort of news that they will benefit from, but also make them feel as if you’ve left something out so they want to find out more.