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10 Helpful WordPress Cheatsheets

WordPress has become one of the most popular blogging platforms ever released onto the web. Even the most obtuse, computer-illiterate user can create a genuinely professional looking blog that can gain followers over time and provide you with a great place to share posts. From adding media to SEO, it makes it all much simpler than it was before.

Helpful WordPress Cheatsheets

But that doesn’t mean that the program itself does not have its complexities. You can’t hope you gain so many features without a bit of a learning curve. That is why chesatsheets are the best thing to find their way onto the web since WordPress itself. While there are a lot out there to check out and bookmark, these are probably the best of the bunch.

1. WordPress Help Sheet

WordPress Help Sheet

WPCandy offers this excellent cheatsheet that covers the most common questions involved in technical aspects to WP. This includes snippets for the header and template, basic template files and a number of items with ways to use them to the best of their abilities. This file comes in a PDF and is provided in plenty of languages.

2. WordPress Blog Maintenance Checklist

WordPress Blog Maintenance Checklist

You have to regularly maintain your blog, lest you end up with a serious crash and no chance of recovery. From backups to usability checks, there is plenty to remember to do. That is why it is best to have a list of all the things there are to handle before you go in, as forgetting something could lead to big problems later. This is an in-depth and well thought out checklist for maintenance.

3. WordPress SEO Cheat Sheet

WordPress SEO Cheat Sheet

Want a quick reference that will help you with SEO on your blog? This is a great little guide offered by Mr Kirkland, an expert in the field and a popular blogger in his own right. He provides some little snippets of coding that can be referenced quickly to improve page titles, fix duplicate content and more.

4. My WordPress Cheat Sheet

My WordPress Cheat Sheet

This is a small but helpful cheatsheet that would be good to keep bookmarked for reference. It keeps things like theme structure and templates within easy reach, putting them all in a single resource. It is incomplete but has a number of codes you are sure to need.

5. WordPress Theme Generator

Wordpress Theme Generator

Not really a cheat, it is still an excellent tool for users who want customization but don’t have the know-how to do it themselves. You just have to put your specifications into the form, and it will generate a theme for you that you can then apply to your WordPress blog. It is quick and easy, and anyone can use it. Of course, the themes are fairly basic. But so are many of those offered for free on WP, so that isn’t really a bad thing.

6. WordPress Theme Development Check List

WordPress Theme Development Check List

If you want a custom theme and plan on creating it the hard way, you probably know what you are doing. But that doesn’t mean you won’t forget a step or two along the way. This is a great checklist that covers the different elements to a theme so you can double-check your work.

7. WordPress Tips

WordPress Tips

Blogger Lorelle is well known for her insightful and expert advice. She has posted a large number of tip articles based around WordPress, and it is like having an entire book of cheatsheets to which to refer. I suggest both bookmarking this page and subscribing to her posts.

8. WordPress Optimization

WordPress Optimization

When a blog starts to really take off, it becomes necessary to optimize WP for greater traffic capabilities and server/page function. This is the official guide by WordPress about optimizing your site and making iy more prepared for high traffic numbers.

9. WordPress Codex

WordPress Codex

Once more, this is an official guide presented by WP. This time it talks about the Codex and has a number of links to helpful resources and references around the site.

10. Tag Reference Guide

Tag Reference Guide

This is a complete guide of WP tags, from attachment tags to comment tags. What makes it so great is that it gives a reference for both 2.0 and 3.0 users, so the information is completely up to date.


WordPress is a great tool, but it takes some work to nail it down. These guides can make it a lot easier, giving you what you need to pull your blog together without a lot of hassle.

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