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5 Steps To Build, Plan and Promote A Wildly Successful Launch

Today is an experiment.

And whether you like it or not, you’re already a part of it.

It’s a bold statement, I know. Maybe too bold. After the dust has settled, it’ll either be a celebration… or a bloodbath.

I’m willing to take that chance.

And why not? Launches are all about taking chances… and this post outlines a simple formula for launching, well, anything.

Over the past 90 days my wife and I have planned – with NASA like precision – the launch of our new site. We’ve boiled everything down into five simple steps, which you can use for your next launch.

Prepare for lift off… Read More

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Blogging Pro Job Board Highlights (April 23-27)

Blogging Pro Job BoardGood morning, everyone! It’s almost the end of April. Are you ready to start a new month, or are you wishing this month would stretch a little bit more?

Here are the highlights from this week’s job board. Good luck!

Wedding Bloggers

Wedding dresses, destination weddings, wedding trends – do you know all about these? Do you like giving others advice on these topics? If so, this telecommute blogging gig will make you a happy camper.
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How to Use Your Blog to Help You Land a Job

There are a variety of different reasons that someone may start a blog or a website—organize ideas and articles, make connections, therapeutic reasons, make a profit, etc.—but few actually consider using a blog as a job search tool. I have quickly learned that whether you know it or not (and whether they know it or not) potential employers are looking at your blog. There are two different ways that a blog could potentially be a great job search tool:

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Blogging Pro Job Board Highlights (April 16-20)

Blogging Pro Job BoardHow’s it going in your part of the world? I hope that you all had a good week, and that this weekend has something great in store for you.

Take a look at this week’s Job Board highlights first? Good luck!

Front-end/PHP Developer

Do we have any developers looking for a gig? If you know your PHP, and you want to work on web sites that receive millions of page views, get in touch with the guys at Zeeto Group now!
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Why T-Day Probably Doesn’t Matter

Blog Tumblr Google TrendsBack in 2009, on the Blog Herald I wrote a post entitled “Should Your Blog Be on Tumblr?” taking a look at whether using Tumblr was right for your site or not.

While there was no simple answer at that time, it seems a lot of people chose Tumblr in the past 2-3 years. Lately, the Web has been talking about how, if the current trends continue, it’s likely that searches for the word “Tumblr” could outpace searches for the word “blog” by mid-October this year, a day I’ve taken to calling T-Day.

Simply put, Tumblr has had a meteoric rise since late 2010 and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to slow down. It has long since passed “WordPress” as a search term and, given the recent attention to Tumblr, T-Day could be even sooner than the comic predicted.

But would it have any significance? Does it matter if it comes before or after it’s predicted? The answer is simple: Probably not.

Because as interesting as Google search trends are, they aren’t the only source of data and they are easily skewed. However, it is still impressive what Tumblr has managed and, as such, it’s probably worth a second look as a blogging platform. Read More

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Blog Photos

All good bloggers know that good content is the key to success when blogging; however they also know that great content isn’t what draws a reader into a post. There are two things that a reader sees before clicking on a post: the title and the photo. For many, coming up with a catchy headline is seen as the hard part while choosing a cool photo is simple. After all, all you have to do is pick a photo that looks cool, right?

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5 Twitter Chats for Bloggers

Twitter is more than just a place to post a constant stream of minimally worded updates and links for your friends. It is a marketing platform, a place to keep up with current events, conferences and causes, and an all around fun means of global socialization.

One feature that many users seem to be unaware of is a Twitter Chat. This is not like your traditional chatrooms where people gather for live conversation within a designated location. Instead, it is a conversation held by people who are part of your your “Twitter Party” and use #hashtags to attract updates from others invited to the same chat. Read More

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9th Graders: The Present and Future of Social Media

High school students will soon need online courses to remain competitive in the workplace, which may present unique challenges for educators. These courses can help prepare students to complete virtual courses in college and beyond. Whatever students end up choosing to study in order to complete their high school online education requirement, they’ll certainly end up savvier in the arenas of technology and social media…and an increased exposure to taking classes in an online environment will likely result in a greater number of students pursuing online undergraduate and graduate degrees after graduating high school. Read More

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Blogging Pro Job Board Highlights (April 9-13)

Blogging Pro Job BoardTGIF! And it’s not just any Friday – it’s the 13th! Forget the old unlucky perspective. Let’s make this Friday the 13th a lucky day, shall we?

Before you enjoy the weekend, here are the highlights from the job boards for this week.

Senior Technology Writer/Blogger

Are you an experienced B2B technology journalist with a solid grasp mobile security issues like data loss prevention, network management, and secure mobile app development? If you can produce thought-provoking pieces, check out this telecommute job. Read More

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What Does the New Over-Optimization Crack-Down Mean For Your Blog?

The latest news in the world of Google is yet another new algorithm for bloggers to freak out about—the over-optimization penalty. For those who are unfamiliar, Google’s SEO engineer Matt Cutts made an announcement last week that companies and bloggers will now be penalized for over-optimizing their website. Naturally, this has left many heads spinning. Many companies have put a great deal of time, effort, and money into optimizing pages in order to rank highly on a SERP, and suddenly this new announcement seems to devalue all of this work. The worst thing about this algorithm change is that bloggers and webmasters have not been given a clear answer as to what “over-optimization” actually entails.

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