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Top Reasons Web Hosting Providers Are Worth Your Extra Pennies

For those who are new to owning a website, it can be tough to find the right website hosting provider. There are tons of different features a web hosting provider can offer, but it’s tough to know exactly what all of these features mean. For this reason, many hopeful website owners skim down a list of “top rated” web hosting providers and look at the price and the number of stars that each was awarded. This is an easy way to quickly assess a web hosting provider without having to go into in-depth research about all of the different features. Most of these features a basic blog owner wouldn’t need to know anyways, right?

The truth is, choosing a web hosting provider based on price and where it ranks according to a certain site isn’t a good idea. Many first-time website owners assume that it is the design and the content that will help a website sink or swim, and while these aspects are extremely important, the right web hosting provider should be added to that list. In other words, opting for an inexpensive web hosting provider could very well cause your site to fail.

Top Reasons Not to Go Cheap When Choosing Web Hosting Providers

Consider below some of the things that can go wrong if you choose web hosting providers solely based on price alone:

1. Bad Customer Service – If you’re new to owning a website, you are absolutely going to have questions and problems with your website. Many website owners are either great writers or great designers, but not all are IT experts. This makes customer service very important. If you get hit with some sort of spam and your hosting provider isn’t going to help, your website could be finished until you spend a lot of money to hire a real professional.

2. Lengthy Downtime – A cheap web host may not have backup servers if the server hosting your website goes down. If your website is down, even for a short period of time, you could very well lose a large number of visitors that won’t come back. Try and make sure you find a web host that offers 99.9% uptime.

3. Missing Updates – It is vital that a web hosting provider can keep up with software changes. Missing any updates could cause your website to be lost completely, and unfortunately it’s very easy for a web host to miss this important aspect of web hosting.

4. Limited Bandwidth – Although cheap web hosts may say that they offer unlimited bandwidth, this doesn’t mean that they have to be telling the truth. Lying about “unlimited hosting” is also fairly common, so make sure you get real feedback from real people if this was going to be a selling point for you.

It’s also important to realize that just because a web host is on the expensive side does not mean that it is great quality. On that same note, just because a web host is inexpensive does not mean that it is poor quality. Finding the right web hosting providers takes a lot of research, and you should find that only those that come at a cost can actually deliver.

Do you have any experiences with cheap web hosting providers? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Pisos en alcala de henares says: 5/16/2012

    True… i love your posts!


    • Amanda DiSilvestro ) says: 5/16/2012

      Thank you so much! I write all over the place so I’d love to hear some more of your comments. Find me on Google+!


  2. Brandon Wyche ) says: 5/16/2012

    I recently used Blue Host for hosting and because I started doing event photography I was creating a lot of files. Well the unlimited space Blue Host hosting I had was not so unlimited. They informed me that I had way too many files, (20,000+ to give you guys an amount) and that I had to delete some. Well now Im on MediaTemple and they are not the best, but they are better than Blue Host. Media Temple has truly unlimited space for my files, but sometimes goes down, but never for longer than a min or two.


    • Amanda DiSilvestro ) says: 5/16/2012

      That’s such a great point. Unlimited does not always mean unlimited, and Blue Host isn’t the only web host to “trick” people into think differently. Thanks for reading and I hope things get better!


  3. James ) says: 5/16/2012

    I once went with a cheaper provider and it took me less than a week to discontinue the service. There were a couple of items they stated would be provided (but it was in the works.) When I searched for feedback on the the items promised some persons mentioned that the company had been promising it for more than a year. The ‘fine print’ allows a company to talk about future enhancements all they desire, but if deadlines are not mentioned I would not hold my breath on seeing them.


    • Amanda DiSilvestro ) says: 5/16/2012

      Great to hear from you James. I could not agree more. That fine print is a killer! Thanks for reading and sharing your experiences. If you don’t mind, you may want to let readers know which provider you had this trouble with so that anyone thinking about that provider can take a second look.


  4. Foxcrawl ) says: 5/20/2012

    i agree that the web hosting providers lie when it comes to bandwidth. indeed the BW is unlimited but not for traffic boost which might send your site crashing frequently


  5. Anasta Gianni says: 5/25/2012

    Thank for your really insightful post on the facts of using paid web hosting services.
    I would like to add that help and FAQ forums are considered as common practice with many free web hosting providers. Although webmasters may finally be able to find the exact forum posts that answer their specific questions and queries, personally I don’t think this is a professional approach. After all, I feel that I deserve a better service, especially when I have paid for it. In fact, customer service can be a real hurdle in running a website smoothly when there is not direct response and you have to wait for that answer e-mail, which however does not seem to find its way to your mailbox.


    • Amanda DiSilvestro ) says: 5/25/2012

      Great point. Web hosting can get tricky for a beginner, so you want to know that you’re speaking with professionals and have an avenue at all times to ask your questions. Thanks for reading!


  6. Accounting Services ) says: 5/26/2012

    This was good information for who want have new website, for my experience I like just host, am dealing with them for 2 years now and i dont have problem. Blue host is good company too.
    my advice before choose web hosting company check the net and see what them customers say about it.


  7. Rick Roberts ) says: 6/4/2012

    May we humbly submit that there are more options than the big guys? We very purposely keep our business modestly sized so that we can actually remember our customers’ names and know their interests. Novel idea, we know!

    Thanks for writing the article. We wish more people would put as much thought into choosing their host as they put into designing a beautiful site.


    • Amanda DiSilvestro ) says: 6/4/2012

      I’m really glad you said something! I don’t know too much about smaller companies, but I absolutely think it’s a great idea to go with a smaller company. There is no substitute for good customer service; I have no doubt that you guys are great. Thanks for reading!


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    Love It! Keep up the good work.


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