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15 Resources to Find Amazing Pictures for Your Blog

If content is king, then photos are queens. Don’t leave your blog looking empty by not including relevant photos in your blog posts. Photos add depth to your blog, and provide a visual stimulus to keep reading – especially if you pepper your post with a variety of photos when it makes sense. However, finding […]

Blogging Pro Job Board Highlights (May 14-18)

Who’s following the NBA Playoffs? I hope you still have time to enjoy the interesting match ups and be productive at the same time. Here are the highlights from this week’s job board. Best Article Contest This posting is technically not a job, but a contest. If you are up to winning as much as […]

Overcome Writers Block and Be Amazing With Words!

Writers block: This happens more frequently than I am remotely comfortable with. The time when you find SEO copywriting the easiest is when you first start your career in this field. Your whole life up until that point is full of stories, events, insights; things that you feel have enough value to be of public […]

The 5 Worst Pieces of Blogging Advice I Got

When I first started blogging way back in 2005, I had a lot of great people giving me wonderful advice. There are many people to whom I am deeply indebted for their guidance, help and criticism. Without them, I doubt I’d have been able to do a quarter of the things that I have. However, […]

Top Reasons Web Hosting Providers Are Worth Your Extra Pennies

For those who are new to owning a website, it can be tough to find the right website hosting provider. There are tons of different features a web hosting provider can offer, but it’s tough to know exactly what all of these features mean. For this reason, many hopeful website owners skim down a list […]

4 Questions you need to ask yourself before blogging

Blogging is one of the hottest activities in the internet. It is the most prominent reason why people go online. In this article, we will tackle some questions that you need to ask yourself before you start blogging. 1. What do you really want to do? Before you start setting up your blog, it will […]

5 Tips and 5 Tools to Improve Your WordPress Error Page

No website actually wants to offer its visitors a 404 page. After all, it means that there is an error and a page cannot be reached. It looks unprofessional, it is a hassle for the site owner to fix and is an annoyance for visitors that might lead to them not returning. Unfortunately, there is […]

Blogging Pro Job Board Highlights (May 7-11)

Hi, everyone! It’s that time of the week again, so here are the highlights from the Job Board. I hope you find a gig that suits you. Have an awesome weekend ahead! Wellness Blogger Do you have the time to churn out at least two blog posts a week about wellness? Add one press release […]

Online Marketing: Understanding the Different Types of Linking for a Blog Owner

Part of being a great blogger is understanding search engine optimization (SEO). While creating valuable and engaging content is the most important part of running a blog, SEO will help give this content visibility. SEO generally involves keyword research and then subsequent linking using these keywords. You can visit SEOMoz to learn more about how […]

Exclamation Overkill!!!!

Here is a word of warning. If you are a person that like to use exclamation marks a lot then you won’t appreciate this post where I am lambasting that action. It is a grammatical pet peeve of mine. Traditionally, exclamation marks are used to indicate strong feeling but exclamation marks have been frequently open […]