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Link Building Techniques That Will Work in 2012

Lots of things have changed in link building industry since Google introduced Panda Update and latest Penguin Update. These days’ social media signals have become really important. Google has stopped giving importance to blog networks and lots of web directories seem to be gone from Google index. Ethical link building is doing wonders these days. Focus should be more towards brand promotion and staying away from spam link building techniques.

We should be publishing our content more on those websites that have strong social media following. Buts still we should be using standard processes like domain page rank, authority, traffic estimates, content quality and theme relevance while making decision about getting backlink from a domain. In today’s guest post, I’m going to share some link building techniques that should be fine with all algorithmic changes made by Google and should be considered as recommended link building techniques for 2012.

Studying Your Competitor Links
You should study your competitor links and make a list of all trusted websites from where they are getting links. You can use Open Site Explorer to find the backlink details about your competitor websites. Once you have the list of resources from where your competitors are getting links, you need to study them and see how they are able to get link from those websites. You need to replicate the similar kind of process for your own website.

Use Partially Matching Anchor Text for Link

Gone are the days for exact match anchor text since Google penalize (Google over Optimization Penalty) websites that were building too many backlinks using the same anchor text. You should be using partially matching anchor text while building backlinks for your website or blog targeted pages. Suppose you want to build backlinks for a page where you are targeting WordPress web hosting as the targeted keyword. For this you should use several keyword combinations like best WordPress web hosting, popular WordPress web hosts, WordPress web hosting companies etc. as anchor text to make your backlinks look natural to Google bots.

Do Guest Blogging

These days guest blogging look to be the best way to build must trusted backlink for a website. Links acquired through guest blogging seem to have great impact when it comes about pushing your targeted keywords into Google search. While doing guest blogging, you should use blogs only that are based in your niche, have decent page rank, traffic and are passing link juice in guest posts. Here is the ultimate list of 100 plus blogs that are allowing guest posts with their respective page rank and Alexa rankings. You should first pick one blog at a time and check its guest blogging guidelines. You should draft a guest post as per its guidelines and submit for review to its owner. Then you should pick second blog and repeat the same process again. This way you should send 5-10 guest posts for review to most popular blogs in your niche. While submitting guest posts, you should not send the same guest post to multiple blog owners and should follow all quality guidelines while drafting your guest posts.

Doing Blog Commenting Activities

Apart from guest blogging, you should start contributing relevant comments on targeted blogs. You should not write one liner comments and should be written in a way they are adding value to the existing post contents. There will be lots of blog readers who will be visiting your linked website pages after reading your value added comments. While doing blog commenting, your focus should be more towards your brand promotion, traffic generation and targeted link building. You should not use keywords in name field as lots of blog owners consider it as spam practice and thus you should use your brand name or your own name to make things normal.

Article Publishing

Article publishing is a great way to get lots of targeted and contextual backlinks for your business website. You should create some articles around your targeted keywords and submit them to article publishing websites. While submitting your articles, you should not submit the same article into 10’s article directories. Ideal approach should be using the same article into 3-4 most popular ezine publishing websites only with minor changes.

Social Media Promotion Activities

You should create a strong presence for your website on popular social media websites. You should start a fan page on Facebook and look at possible ways to add lots of fans to it. You should also perform the similar kind of activities on Google Plus, Twitter and Linkedin etc. Apart from this, you should share some of popular blog posts from your blog on popular social bookmarking websites like Digg, Delicious, Reddit, StumbleUpon and Humsurfer etc. This kind of activities will send initial level of link juice to your popular stories.

Do you have any other link building technique which will work in 2012, please share in the comments section?

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  1. OrangAkaun ) says: 6/21/2012

    Hi there! great post. I just realize that web directories have been gone from google index after reading this post. I didn’t really keeping up on that actually. Anyway, thanks for letting me know.
    Blog commenting seems to be harder these days as everyone are against spam. I’m not telling that we should spam the comment but some of our comment will be considered as spam depending on that blog setting. It get worse when the blog owner just wipe out that spam.


  2. Dean Saliba ) says: 6/21/2012

    So writing articles on sites like Ezine Articles is good now? Becuase I was told that it was pointless just a few months before the two Google updates. :)


    • Anil Agarwal ) says: 6/21/2012

      I think problem arise when we publish the same article copy into 10’s of article websites. You should use the same content on one website only. So its all about quality and not quantity these days.


  3. Cory J. says: 6/28/2012

    Hi! Thanks for posting this. Google will always do something to “weed out” the crappy content all over the Web. I think that it is only proper. As a junior writer for a rising company (, we always update ourselves with the latest news in the industry (which I think should be the SOP for any kind of company). Reading articles like this is a great source of information for all the people in the biz as well as any one who is interested in the business.


  4. Mad Cats Media says: 8/13/2012

    Good point Cory. As marketers we need to keep updated on what the best practices are. Article directories have been abused by many SEOs and I think that the people who are re-posting the same article to 10 or 15 different article directories may suffer.


  5. HowTo ) says: 9/2/2012

    Another good way to build links is being active on a discussion forum site related to your site theme, and consistently post good responses and topics. Have your link in your signature, so you don’t keep typing links, as this makes you look like a spammer.


  6. Mayank Kumar says: 9/7/2012

    Hi Anil Agarwal,
    Thanks for a Great Post, It means a lot for me, because I’m newbie in the field of SEO. Google is like a chameleon, who can change its Algorithm according to situation. This post is really helpful to keep safe from the effects of algorithm changes………
    Keep sharing such type of informative information.


  7. Mahavir ) says: 9/11/2012

    Very well points for link building, Here in 2012 every aspect of SEO has been changed. Link building has taken a step further and orthodox methods are vanished by Google. Quality linking should be done to improve rankings.


  8. Sydney Graham ) says: 9/20/2012

    Hello Anil Agarwal

    Great post! Very helpful and enlightening. As an Inbound Marketing Speciaist for Marsden & Associates (, I’m always looking for different ways to build links the RIGHT way! Always good to find informative, helpful and easy-to-read articles like this to help others in the business. Consider your post shared :)

    Could you consider writing a post about guest blogging and commenting etiquette. I’d love to know your thoughts!


  9. Michael says: 10/3/2012

    Really interesting post with loads to look in to . Always good to hear other opinions especially since recent changes.

    Totally agree with the article directories. They’ve been smashed to death and Google are better at spotting duplicate content. Content is the king but only when its unique

    Take the time to write good content then take more time to find good places to post it.

    Don’t take the easy way out, it won’t pay off in the long run.


  10. Hannah says: 10/23/2012

    Thanks for the info. It seems like everyone is offering conflicting advice when it comes to article marketing at the moment. SEO Moz seem to think its no longer worth doing. I think lenses on squidoo, hub pages, tumblr may be more worth while as they are seen to be more social sites?


  11. george says: 11/15/2012

    Thanks. Really innovative tips. The above information about link building techniques is very useful.


  12. vasu says: 11/28/2012

    Thanks for sharing informative post ,.In 2012 SEO has been changed a lot ,now days content marketing is the best practices of link building


  13. ?????? says: 12/25/2012

    i am an body builder and want to have a blog for this you give me very nice article


  14. ranjana says: 1/31/2013

    I wish to thank you for this useful post. Your tips for
    link building techniques are really helpful.


  15. Web development company in USA says: 6/19/2013

    I am really impressed by your work. Now a days, Guest blogging and social media sites are very effective to driving traffic to your site. Social media is a great source of driving traffic to your website.


  16. Henry says: 9/17/2014

    It’s really interesting to read what worked back in 2012 – so much has changed since then! Nowadays quality is way more important than quantity and spam. It’s harder to rank in google in my opinion, however yahoo and bing seems to be rather easy. What do you think?