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ManageWP Worker Lets You Easily Manage Multiple WordPress Sites

ManageWP LogoInstalling and managing a single self-hosted WordPress site can keep your hands full, especially if you’re dedicated to publishing content on a regular basis. So it’s quite a given that handling multiple WordPress sites could be very daunting for both beginners and seasoned WordPress users. It takes a lot of time and effort to manage several WordPress installations, and for most of us, it can be overwhelming. Well, to borrow a saying from the smartphone crowd, there’s a plugin for that.

ManageWP Worker is a WordPress plugin that lets you take complete control of multiple WordPress sites from a single interface. From installation to monitoring, its suite of management tools has got you covered. Here are the highlights of this plugin to make you understand how it could help you manage your army of WordPress sites.


ManageWP has a website cloning tool that lets you easily and quickly create new sites based on existing ones. This means you can tinker and play around with a test site and efficiently turn it into a production site with as little effort as possible. Mass migrations are also made easy because you only need to input FTP details and other hosting information into a single dashboard and you’re good to go. If you have ever experienced problems with switching a site from one host to another before, you know that this kind of convenience is very welcome.

Management & Backup

Once your WordPress sites are set up to use ManageWP, you can access each of their administration panels. This direct access to multiple admin panels bypasses the need to input a password for each site. Management of themes, plugins, and scheduled backups of multiple sites can be done in one clean and intuitive interface. In addition to that, you can also upgrade WordPress core files, plugins, and themes right from the ManageWP control panel.

ManageWP WorkerPublishing

If you are maintaining multiple blogs on Tumblr and other similar sites, you are familiar with the convenience of publishing content on multiple sites without logging in multiple times. Combine this type of convenience with the ability to bulk post content to multiple sites and you can cut back on time spent publishing content. You can spend more time developing brilliant ideas and engaging content instead of wasting time on publishing content one site at a time.


ManageWP includes SEO analysis tools including keyword research and ranking tools. Combined with Google Analytics integration, you’ll get an extensive view of sites’ performance. You wouldn’t need other SEO plugins for generating reports and SEO analysis, but if those other plugins are working for you and they can play well with ManageWP, there’s no reason not to have all of them under the same roof, right?


Uptime monitoring and traffic alerts are also included in the ManageWP suite of features. These tools let you know if something has gone wrong with any of your sites or if there is a spike in your traffic. These tools give you the chance to resolve problems as soon as possible and take advantage of opportunities presented by a sudden increase in traffic.


Of course, it’s easy to assume that managing multiple sites from a single location may present security risks, but ManageWP Worker makes sure that your sites are protected with the use of two-factor authentication, state-of-the-art encryption, and integration with, a leader in website malware protection.

ManageWP Worker seems like overkill for people who handle only a handful of WordPress sites at a time especially because of the fact that it’s not free, but for those who are working on dozens of self-hosted WordPress sites as part of a business or professional blogging efforts, it’s definitely a solid investment.

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