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Making Your WordPress Blog Blind- and Low-Eyesight-Friendlier

Despite the fact that vision issues affect no less than half of the world’s population, it will likely come as no surprise that web developers rarely make readability for the vision impaired a priority in their final designs.

While improving your site’s readability for the blind and otherwise seeing-impaired can be a difficult task with a site written in independent HTML, a site based on WordPress can be improved with the click of a button by utilizing appropriate plugins in order to make changes to the style elements involved.

If making your WordPress blog blind- and low-eyesight friendlier is a task you plan to set your hand to, take a look at these fantastic and wide-ranging plugins to make the job much easier! Read More

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Building A Mentor Network Online

Question and answer websites have remained pretty popular over the years. But they have limited function, which is why they are usually last resort options for those who need to find something out. Most will turn to Google, or a forum or someone they know – which works well enough with most queries.

But what if you want to create a sharable blogging resource, like a network, where people can mentor one another on specific subjects? For example, a mentor network based around online marketing as it currently stands, or maybe graphic design in advertising or WordPress themes, etc. What do you do then, when endlessly posting questions or advice just isn’t feasible?

Luckily, it isn’t hard to build a mentor network these days, not with the many sites dedicated to professional or educational social connections which are being built around question and answer content. Here are five that you can use to make your own. Read More

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Blogging and Taxes: Yes, Bloggers You Need to Pay Up

As a blogger you should take steps to minimize your taxes and maximize your savings. Every cent you earn online counts especially in this economic climate.

Years ago, blogging used to be a creative outlet that filled most our lazy nights after work, once monetization and ad revenues came into play, blogging as a business and blogging as freelance work has become a possible source of steady income for some netizens.

Read More

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Finding Out Which Browser is Best for Your Blogging

Browser ImageIf you’re a blogger, your browser is easily your most important tool. Like a carpenter with his hammer or a plumber with his wrench, every blogger has a favorite browser and setup that they prefer.

So, ultimately, what browser you want to use for your blogging is going to come down to a personal choice, one that fits your work style, work flow and personal needs.

Still though, the question remains, is there a browser that is all-around better for blogging than its peers? If so, is it one that every blogger should use?

To answer that question, we have to look deeper at what a blogger needs out of a browser and what the major browsers out there provide. Read More

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Blogging Pro Job Board Highlights (July 23-27)

Blogging Pro Job BoardThis month seems to have flown by without me really noticing it. Is it the same for you? In any case, we are facing the last weekend of July, and I hope that you are keeping busy in a good way.

Here are the highlights for this week’s Job Board. Good luck!

Horse Handling, Loving, and Equestrian Bloggers

Can’t get enough of horses? Know more about them than any other animal on earth? A new blogging platform about these equine creatures is soon to be launched, and they are looking for freelance bloggers. The beauty of it? You can be anywhere to write for them.
Read More

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Optimizing Time Management for Effective Blogging

Blogging can be more than a hobby. For some people, it’s a profession. If you’re taking the time to write a blog, you want to balance your content creation efforts with taking the time to make sure people read what you write. You can’t simply expect people to find your posts – you have to get your readers’ attention and entice them to stay with you once they’re visiting your blog. I started an interior design blog two years ago and I’ve experienced a lot of growth in the past year. I recently gained over 3,000 followers and my weekly follower gain for the past month has been about 60 followers a week. The tips I am providing are the same ones that, after much trial and error, I’ve found to work. Read More

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5 Steps to Profit from the $60 Billion Weight Loss Niche

You’ve probably listened to guru advice on how to make money online before, and if you’ve ever tried any of these advices before you’d have noticed how ineffective they usually are.

For example, most top marketers and bloggers will want you to believe that the best way to make money online as a blogger is by starting a blog that teaches people how to make money blogging, and possibly selling your own information product on the subject. The problem with this advice is that it rarely works; not only because most of us aren’t as passionate about the blogging and make money niche as we are about other things, but because there are so many blogs on this subject that it is very difficult to stand out. Read More

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Blogging Tips: Decide between Tumblr and Blogger

Bloggers who use simple web interfaces to publish their content are split into two major factions: the Blogger team and the Tumblr team. They could not be more different in their design, posting style and promotion tactics. If you want to start a blog but don’t know which platform to use, first decide what the focus of your blog will be: Writing? Images? Curating others’ content? Do you want an informative blog and write about restaurants, traveling or technology? Or do you want something a little more creative, focused on images?

Let’s explore the head-to-head pros and cons of Blogger and Tumblr for the aspiring blog editor. Read More

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Back Up Your Blog: Why a Data Backup Strategy Will Save Your Sanity

Regardless whether your blog runs on a private server or in the Cloud, you still have to brace yourself for the possible impact of a crash. Ask yourself this- when was the last time you’ve backup your blog? If your WordPress blog suddenly crashed, how long would it take you to get it up and running again?

You can spare yourself the heartache of losing all of your hard work, if you bank on a data backup strategy that you can do yourself and this is the best insurance there is against the possibility of losing everything. Not every web host would back up your data for you, some would, but the question is, how often?

Read More

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How to Make YouTube Tutorial Videos Part of your Blogging Success

Any blogger worth his salt either already has his own Youtube channel or is working his way into harnessing the benefits of online video. Though creating short educational videos on YouTube won’t turn anyone into an overnight viral sensation, such tutorial videos can easily help any blog gain traction.

If you’re very spot on with the topic of your blogging niche, you can easily end up with a massive amount of followers since educational videos are useful to just about anyone. In particular, users with short attention spans as online videos provide the perfect platform for users to learn something on the fly.

Read More

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