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Corporate Workers Escape the Cubicle and Work from Home

Working from home, day 1With the advent of personal computers, the internet, and webcams, working from home is easier than ever before. Employees enjoy the non-existent commute and the relaxing environment. Employers appreciate the low cost of a smaller office space and the happier, more productive employees. If you are interested in leaving your current corporate environment and working from home, take a look at some of the opportunities that are currently available in the job market.

Benefits of Telecommuting

Working from home enables employees to strike a better work/life balance with a nonexistent commute. It is also easier to manage your childcare situation or care for elderly parents when you do not have to be far from home. Beyond saving money on office space, employers also have access to a greater variety of workers when they can hire someone who is housebound by disability or other reasons. Sick days can be a financial drain on a company, and research has shown that there are fewer sick days when people work from home. If a company has clients that are far from headquarters, it is another cost saving option to hire sales and customer care employees who live closer to clients. Everyone wins when employees work from home: high client satisfaction rates, happy employees, and limited travel expenses are advantageous for the bottom line.

Work at Home Opportunities

  • Virtual Assistant: This job takes the traditional secretarial or administrative assistant role and moves it from sitting outside the manager’s office to the home. Travel arrangements, writing reports, and other administrative tasks are easy to do from home.
  • Copy Editor: Reviewing an author’s work is something that can be done remotely with ease. From editing books to editing blogs, there are a number of industries that use copy editors and this field will continue to grow.
  • Event Planner: This is a job that requires organization, a large rolodex and the ability to visit event sites. There is no need for an event planner to sit in the office, as all of the associate tasks are easily portable.
  • Software Engineer: Thanks to intranets that are remotely accessible, a computer software engineer can perform all the requirements of the job from home. Programming, testing, and writing reports do not have to be done in a corporate office. As technology evolves, there is high demand for software engineers, and employers routinely offer working at home as part of the benefits package.
  • Paralegal: Lawyers need paralegals to help them with research and legal administrative work. Writing legal documents and researching cases can all be done from a home office. This job is in high demand as companies use paralegals to save on lawyer’s fees.

The jobs described here are only a few examples of how you can make telecommuting work. If your skills are not in line with these examples, analyze the job you want and see how you can reinvent it as a work-at-home opportunity.

Josh Hardinger is a work-at-home freelance blogger. If you’re looking to get a degree while working at home, Josh recommends getting an executive online mba. Why not do both work and school online?

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  1. Carmen says: 7/3/2012

    Interesting and definitely worth looking into


  2. Brad says: 7/7/2012

    Research, blogging, freelance writing, tutoring, teaching, software engineering, web/graphic design… it’s amazing the number of telecommuting opportunities there are out there. It’s just a matter of looking in the right areas.


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