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Maximize Your Instagram Experience With Insta-WP

The pop culture phenom called Instagram was brought for $1 billion by Facebook. I’m not surprised, everyone I know who has an iPhone or Android phone has Instagram on it!

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Blogging Pro Job Board Highlights (July 16-20)

Blogging Pro Job BoardIt’s horrible to read about the shooting in Colorado after all this time of waiting for The Dark Knight, isn’t it? Everyone keep safe!

Before we hit the weekend, here are the highlights from this week’s Job Board.

Freelance Writer

Snavely Associates has been working in the non-profit field for many years. They are looking for experienced freelance writers on a continuous basis, from anywhere in the United States.
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Impress Your Visitors with New Blogging Techniques

Before applying any technique to impress your blog readers keep in mind that you should also impress search engines. We cannot trick search engines with some sneaky techniques as it may result in the removal of your website from search engines forever. If your visitors like your blog or website then there is a very good likelihood even search engines like it too. It doesn’t take long to create a new blog but it takes lot of time to make it successful. Here are some ways to impress your visitors with new blogging techniques: Read More

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Should Blog Comments be approved?

Bloggers all around the world create their personal webpage in order to communicate with the rest of the world, through internet, to share their ideas or, more specifically, interests. Nearly all blogging websites let bloggers interact with other viewers and users in form of personal messages or public comments.

It all depends on a specific blog’s terms and conditions or policies which reflect the main functionality of posting comments. For few blogging websites, a viewer has to be a member in order to comment or express their views on a certain blog post while some require no membership agreement for the viewer for commenting. For instance, in Google blogger, random viewers are allowed to comment on blog posts under the ‘anonymous’ tag. While in video blogging websites such as Youtube, a viewer has to be a member in order to comment on a video response, etc. Read More

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Flickr is for more than just photos

You’re probably familiar with the popular photo sharing site, Flickr, which allows users to post and tag photos and share these photos with friends. While you may already use Flickr to manage your personal photos, you might not have realized that the site also offers many exciting options for your business, including features that let you construct slide shows, tell stories, communicate with customers and plan trips. Flickr isn’t just for photos anymore. Read More

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How I used Bloggingpro Job Board to Land Work that Pays Over $100 Per Post

Do you know the most discouraging piece of advice for a new freelancer?

Do not look at the online job boards or content mills to find jobs. They contain nothing but ads from trashy, greedy businesses waiting to take advantage of people who do not know any better. Also, be wary of people asking for free samples and do not apply for jobs that offer you a $5 fee, per article.

Well, there is no doubt that most expert advisers and freelance veterans want to protect us. Certainly, we have all heard the horror stories going around, highlighting clients from hell. The exact, same type of client we are being warned against.

While experts may have their hearts in the right place, I do not agree that we should ignore all job boards.

Content mills – yes, job boards – no! Read More

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Monetization: Why You Can’t Ignore the Money Issue with Blogging

Money ImageMany bloggers, if not most, start out blogging not as a business but as a hobby. They simply want to write or make videos on a subject they are passionate about.

Hobby bloggers, typically, don’t think about making money from their site. After all, they are usually spending only a few dollars per month on hosting (if anything) and no more than a few hours per week writing content.

However, ignoring monetization is usually not a good long-term strategy for a website, especially one that will be growing as time goes on. This was something that was emphasized when I interviewed Patrick O’Keefe about his recent ebook, Monetizing Online Forums.

As Patrick put it, money is not an inherently evil force for a website, regardless of the type, and it can be an important tool in ensuring that the site and its audience is around for a long time to come.

But while the monetization strategy you should choose is a subject up for great debate, the fact is, if you want to grow your site, you can’t ignore the issue completely. Failure to think about money will, at some point, risk killing the very thing you’ve worked so hard on.

Here are three simple reasons why. Read More

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How to Transition Smoothly from Blogger to SEO Blogger

Although blogging never started as a way to earn backlinks, it has quickly become one of the most popular ways to help improve a website’s ranking on a Google SERP. The idea of guest posting in exchange for backlinks has suddenly given bloggers more choices and a bigger chance to really make a living from blogging. For this reason, more and more bloggers are being recruited to work for companies as full-time writers as a part of the SEO department. The biggest problem: Not all bloggers understand SEO.

There are of course many bloggers who would prefer to blog for fun, but for those who want to make it a profession, SEO is an absolute necessity. This often scares bloggers because SEO isn’t something taught in schools and it isn’t something that traditional writers have ever had to consider. Fortunately, understanding SEO as a writer does not have to be difficult, and for many it can actually be fun.

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Common Mistakes to Avoid While Blogging

Having a blog is an excellent way to gain experience as a writer, or to promote your business or products. However, everyone has a blog now. So, in such a competitive market, how do you make your blog stand out? Regardless of how valuable and innovative the information is that you have to share with the world, it is never going to be appreciated if your blog is guilty of some of the most common mistakes.

Too Much Text

Unfortunately, one of the first notions you must learn to accept is that people do not like to read, especially on the Internet. What most people do with online articles and blogs is scan. What this means for you is that you do not want to have large blocks of continuous text. 

Your ideal blog post will incorporate breaks in the text, subheadings, lists, and pictures. You need anything to break up the monotony of long paragraphs. A well formatted blog post will be much more appreciated by your busy web surfers. If you have pieces of information that you think are very important, it is a wise idea to make them bold, italicized, or hyperlink them in order to grab the scanner’s attention.

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How to Write a Brilliant Blog Post Headline

Did you know that when you are writing a post for your blog, one of the most important parts is the headline?

The blog headline or title is the first thing that people read and it is what they consider when they are deciding whether or not to click through to the blog post and read the rest of it. Catchy headlines will bring more people to your blog so that you can sell more of your products or services, get your message out to a wider audience or get more traffic so that you can sell advertising.

The headline sums up everything that the blog post is about and should be creative, concise and captivating. A boring, confusing or otherwise poorly written headline can prevent people from clicking on your blog posts and discovering your content. Read More

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