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Restaurants and Social Media: How to Optimize Your Networks

Social media is a great tool for any restaurant to connect with customers – but only if you use it right. Though these sites are a casual online meeting place for customers, it’s a strategic business opportunity. Thus, optimizing your site to be found and get customers in the door is key to making your efforts worth your while.

To make the most of these sites you’ll want to consider keyword use, coupon sharin,g and call to actions. With a few simple changes you can make all the difference.

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Blogging Pro Job Board Highlights (August 27-31)

Blogging Pro Job BoardIt’s the last day of the month, and it’s a Friday. So, what are you going to do tonight? Whatever it is, I hope you have tons of fun.

Before you check out for the long weekend, here are the highlights from this week’s Job Board.

Freelance Copywriter/Content Writer

Godot Media, a content writing firm is looking for hardworking writers who can do research and craft well-written content. Does that describe you?
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4 Great Tips about Technology for New Online Marketers

Perhaps you are just now considering a career move into the world of online marketing. Or, you have been working at it for a while and just can’t get the production up where you want it to be. Technology plays a large role in keeping the business rolling along.

I had the pleasure of listening to Justin Martell, the son of James and Arlene Martell, of the Affiliate Buzz. If you are unfamiliar with it, the Buzz is a series of podcasts hosted by the Martells to provide information and tips on how to best succeed in an online business. Read More

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How to Track Your Social Media Success

Social media campaigns can be a vital marketing tool or a complete waste of time. We show you how to track your social media influence and rate the success of your roach.

Growth rate of followers

While having a huge number of subscribers or followers may be one sign of success, that total figure is far from a perfect indicator of how well you are doing. That is because it is static. In other words, while it may be an impressive figure, it does not account for momentum. It does not indicate whether you are attracting more followers, or whether they are beginning to drift away.

Watching the growth rate of your followers or subscribers, on the other hand, reveals those trends. Plenty of s are available to help make monitoring growth rates easy. Wildfire Social Media Monitor, for example, tracks the growth of all your social media networks, making it easy for you to gauge your growth. Read More

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Blogging Pro Job Board Highlights (August 20-24)

Blogging Pro Job BoardGood morning, everyone! You might have noticed some issues with the site in the past week, but rest assured that our tech team has been on top of things. The site is loading normally now. Thank you to those of you who gave us feedback.

Now, here are the highlights from this week’s Job Board. Good luck!

Freelance Catalog Copywriter

If you’re looking at a gig that will keep you busy in the next five months, this opening is perfect for you. If you’ve got experience generating website and/or catalog copy, you’ll be a shoe in for the job.
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Give Your Website a Boost With Exceptional Off-Site SEO

One of the best ways to increase your sales and services is by having a website set up based entirely on it. Apart from offline businesses that are now focusing on the online market, there are plenty of young entrepreneurs who are completely focused online. For them ranking high on the search engines is of utmost importance.

But, there are plenty of companies that are using the internet to post their services and sell their goods and therefore, for you to enter an already booming market could be a really hard challenge. As we all know, when a person searches for something online they’re usually just going to check out the first page results and therefore, your main goal would be to rank as high as possible.

However, if at all you want to achieve this, you would need to make sure that the Off-site SEO techniques that you adopt are the best. But, for this to work, your on-site SEO needs to be really good as well. Read More

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The 5 Most Underused WordPress Features

WordPress LogoWhen it comes to blogging, you need to know how to use your tools to their maximum potential. Whether they’re for researching, writing, publishing or promotion, knowing how to use the tools of your trade is vital to your success.

However, of all of those tools, none is more important than your blogging platform as it’s the only one that can be useful for every single stage of the writing process. For more and more bloggers, that tool of choice is WordPress.

But while WordPress has earned its popularity by being a robust blogging platform that almost anyone can pick up and use, there are many features of the platform that many of its users either aren’t aware of or simply don’t take adequate advantage of.

While the total number of such features is too great too count, a few features stand out as being drastically underused. Here are five of those features and why they don’t get the love they deserve. Read More

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Using Google Analytics To Measure Social Media Marketing

With 57% of adults in the UK having joined a social network, online companies have begun to capitalise on this, realising the importance of social media as a marketing tool. As more and more firms set up their company pages, it is not enough to simply have a social media presence; instead, these profiles must be maintained and monitored on a regular basis. This in itself has become a subject of much discussion, with many highlighting the difficulties of measuring the success of this approach. One way around the problem is through the use of Google Analytics. As one of the most treasured applications throughout the online marketing world, Google Analytics provides helpful statistics that can also be used for social media platforms. Here’s how: Read More

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Eight Best Free Contact Forms for WordPress

You’ve done all the work, you’ve managed to get a user of the interweb notice you and then click on your website. You’ve even managed to get them interested enough to ask for more information. Now you’ve managed all that and then weirdly the user doesn’t contact you. Dang. Looks like you need a new contact form, pronto!

Here’s a look at 8 of the best free Contact Forms we’ve found for WordPress.  We selected these plugins based on some features that we felt were key to defining a complete plugin. Read More

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Blogging Pro Job Board Highlights (August 13-17)

Blogging Pro Job BoardHow’s it going, guys? What’s the most interesting gig you’ve landed in the recent weeks? I hope you find something good from this week’s highlights!

Freelance Writers

Are you a versatile writer? Can you write press releases, blog posts, web articles, and participate in online discussions in your sleep? Check out this telecommute job which pays monthly. Looks really good!
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