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  1. Abhay Bajaj

    One great thing bloggers can do is to sign up for a community called ‘ Bloggers ‘. Here you can grt to meet a lot of people of your same niche and interacting with them coudnt have been any easier!

  2. Marco Antonio

    Tired of making daily posts with nice pictures and quotes knowing that noone is following you?. Here you will find the ultimate Guide to know How To Get Followers on Tumblr. With all the other social media sites becoming popular on Tumblr has never been easier.
    Just apply the following Tumblr Tips in a daily basis and you will see your followers base grow faster than anyone else.
    A very popular term among Tumblrs, is “Tumblr Train”, which is basically a chain of users asking and giving follows for follows, if you make a quick search on tumblr you will find tons of them.

    Getting into I Follow You Follow Schemes
    If you ever played any social facebook game like Farmville, you might know that there are pages exclusively dedicated to get friends for that game. The I Follow You Follow scheme works exceptionally well there. For example this page have quite a lot of tumblrs willing to follow you if you follow them first. Even Tumblr’s very own Facebook page is plagued with the “please follow me” spam. One important thing to notice is that you have to make sure you post shout there several times a day, so your Tumblr keeps getting noticed. The way how you can get hundreds of followers here is mainly only by following others, but if your objective is that, then the goal justify the means.

    Liking Reblogging and Commenting Everyone’s posts
    Liking and Reblogging other very popular Tumblelogs will likely get you followers, since these accounts in particular get quite a few views per day. If the blog has the comment section enabled you can also leave a comment there. All this is even more effective if you are blogging on some particular area of interest, for example, if you are a nature photographer you will reach a better audience if you like, reblog and comment someone who posts pics of animals. Now, I’d suggest you are careful with this technique since It might get your account suspended if your start spamming with “Please Follow Me”..

  3. tumblr followers

    Thanks for sharing this one this is very informative.

  4. Lkovacs

    Easy, follow peple, 200 per day till 5000 and unfollow who dosen’t follow you.

  5. Raymond

    This was informative and I look forward to putting what I learned into action.

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