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Can blogging be a full-time profession?

If you can write and give opinions, then you can become a blogger, no doubt. But whether you want to spend the rest of your life doing it full-time is for you to decide. That bloggers make substantial money blogging, and enough to sustain a life with that, is a bygone conclusion. If we are to believe the grapevine, America has half a million paid bloggers. As a blogger, you can work for big corporations at their offices or if you are not inclined to commute, you can work from home. That is the kind of flexibility today’s bloggers get.

If you want to do it alone as a freelancer working for blog owners, you can do it too or you can become a blog owner, either ways it is profitable. However, like all business owners you will have to take a calculated risk. Building your blog is not really a tough job. Talk to someone who can write the HTML codes and you will have got one, but promoting your blog can be like putting a billboard in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean for someone to read. Without readers, blogs will not work and therein lay the problem.

It takes a lot of time to come up with a profitable blog. So, if you plan to use blogs as your source of income from day one, it may not work. You need to nurture it with care; add as much of interesting stuff as you can for the readers on a daily basis, encourage readers to visit your blog and finally convince advertisers to consider using your blog to promote their products and services. All those takes months and possibly years to materialize, don’t forget! If you have been thinking about quitting your day job to become a full time professional blogger, then give another thought to it, unless you have enough money in your bank.

If nothing can dampen your enthusiasm from becoming a full time professional blogger, you can at least try doing it sensibly. Start working on your blog, but keep your day job. Spend a few hours daily, two hours perhaps and twice as many on weekends. Keep yourself to writing on a niche you love writing about; politics, technology, homemaking; almost anything you can think about. And once your blog begins to show some revenue coming in, it is time to quit your day job and take the final plunge to become something you have always aspired to be – A Full-Time Professional Blogger.

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  1. Ron - SEO Copywriter ) says: 8/14/2012

    Over 90% of blogs end up in failure.

    Blogging is a BUSINESS, and people need to know that. It’s not that you will write content and you will get readers.

    You have to manage accounts, control marketing campaigns and create sweet relationships with fellow bloggers.

    It’s a tough job. I am a blogger myself, and earning a 6-figure passive income from your blog is STILL a dream.


  2. Glenn Owens says: 8/15/2012

    The most difficult thing for me about maintaining a blog is not the time I need to invest in it, but finding new and fresh things to write about.


  3. Mara says: 8/15/2012

    I used to dream about being a blogger as a profession, especially since after college I wasn’t that sure about pursuing my degree (at least not as a full-time/long term career), and since I already have a blog running, I thought I’ll go and improve and monetize it.

    It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be and I stopped for a long time.

    Now, I’m up and running again and hopefully I’ll be able to stay blogging than I did before :)


  4. LongYC says: 8/16/2012

    This should correct many who see make a living out of blogging as a simple job; it is never simple and it takes a lot of hard works and perhaps some luck, a lot of time need to be spent on things other than writing.


  5. Richard Ng (IM Foundation) ) says: 8/18/2012

    Very balanced and sensible post. Yes, blogging is a long term venture and it definitely take lots of effort and late nights! The key is to ensure you are hitting on the topic that you are passionate about, otherwise, it will not last!



  6. antalya car rental ) says: 8/21/2012

    art?k okunan blog sahibi olmak eskisi kadar kolay degil. guzel makale thanks


  7. Dinesh says: 8/23/2012

    Good post, I’m agree with you it take lots of time probably one to two years to make your blog profitable. You should have discipline and consistency in writing blog.