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Onpage SEO Plugin for WordPress Blogs

WordPress is really a powerful framework for designing PHP based dynamic website. But some people face problems during their SEO venture. Some developer face problem to create the sitemap for their WordPress website. But WordPress has one great feature called Add-On and by using this feature one can add several plugin to the website with just few clicks. Similarly there is also some effective solution is available in WordPress plugin store.

Some popular SEO Onpage Plugin

There are several plugin available in WordPress which works exactly on the website page and process all functionality that manages and helps to build a strong SEO venture with the dynamic WordPress website.

SEOProcessor Plugin

SEOProcessor is one of the most popular SEO Onpage Plugin. This plugin control everything within the page from HTML tags to font decoration. It also guides to place keywords with proper highlighting decoration and also controls the keyword density. It also controls the blog posts and blog pages to upkeep with the SEO Strategies. It offers an interactive and detailed control option to monitor and handle the SEO process without any external tool or software.

Broken Link Checker

This is a very useful plugin for checking broken links in a WordPress website. Broken link is always very harmful for SEO, because it interrupts the crawling process and thus website rank may be lowered than usual. That is why developers need to keep a close eye on the links and should manage it seriously to keep up the smooth running of the SEO process. This plugin is very useful for that very factor.

Google XML Sitemaps

Creating sitemap for a WordPress site is really very tough job to do. This is very complicated and hectic process. That is why it is really necessary to use some sitemap creating plugin like Google XML Sitemap. This plugin helps to create XML site map for the WordPress website and can also interact with the developers account so that the newly updated sitemap can be posted to get ranked. This is Onpage plugin that works under the main interface of the website and do not require any special tool panel.

SEO Smart Links

Link is a very important issue in every SEO venture. That is why this really necessary to maintain the links profile. Not only external links but also internal. SEO Smart Links is a plugin that controls and modifies the link to smoothen the SEO procedure. This plugin helps completely to manage the link profiles and create a better SEO impact during search crawling.

W3 Total Cache

This is another backend plugin that helps to increase the page rank of any WordPress website or blogs. For every website speed is very important issues and every developer are concuss about making a fast loading website. But it can only be done by intelligent cache management. This plugin manages the cache intelligently and thus helps to build up a better visitor’s satisfaction along with better crawling convenience for the Blog or website.

So we can see that there are a huge numbers of Onpage plugin available for WordPress website that may help to create a better website or blog without much labor with coding and programming. And all these plugins are also very helpful for SEO process and helps to improve the search engine rank.

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Margaret Jules lives in Finland and has been doing internet marketing for last 5 years. She loves travelling, meeting new people and works at SEO Morpheus.

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  1. Fresh Wordpress Themes ) says: 8/15/2012

    Great post.
    All are great plugins. I haven’t tried the SEOProcessor yet, but I will have to check that out.
    Thanks for the tips


  2. Rekha says: 8/16/2012

    Great post! I like your post because I use all these plugins for my WordPress website..


  3. psd to wordpresss says: 8/21/2012

    WordPress support Seo. plus you got seo plugins. this is will help you alot.


  4. Muminul Haque says: 8/23/2012

    Thanks for the post. Enjoyed it. I am gonna give it a try.


  5. SEO Services says: 8/24/2012

    Can I use multiple SEO plugins for my blog. I have all-in-one seo and google xml sitemap. But looking to download more for the extra help. Will this have a negative effect on my rankings or will it help tremendously?


  6. Online Ventures says: 9/12/2012

    You forgot to mention the “All in One SEO pack” that is a massively popular plugin for wordpress. I personally use it on all my WordPress installs and clients websites.


  7. Robert Aronove says: 11/19/2013

    Really useful read – will keep it bookmarked. Thanks.


  8. Emily says: 11/17/2014

    Yes I am using some of the plugins in my site.


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