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  1. Tom Gray

    Thanks, this is a great list. Sad to say that I’ve used 6 of these on client sites in my search for the perfect form solution. I’ve now got a couple of more ‘suspects’ to try out. A nice summary of the article would be to place all the forms in a matrix so form features can be compared side-by-side.

    For sheer ease of use, I like the Jetpack Contact Form, it’s not sophisticated but it’s simple to use and some times simple is all you need. Again, thanks for a great post.

  2. Mark

    There is a good new one, not yet listed in the plugins directory called BreezingForms and not only a simple contact form but a professional form manager:

  3. fily

    thanks for sharing, it’s really helpful

  4. Danny

    Nice list of plugins, Sheela.

    I would probably go with Fast -secure Contact form over Contact Form7, as I have heard quite a lot of talk regarding security vulnerabilities with Contact form 7….

    Jet Pack seems like the simplest set up being the “default ‘ contact form for WordPress, though, I am not too sure if it is anywhere near as versatile as Fast-Secure….

  5. Thomas

    Thanks to you. I was able to choose the right contact form. Finally decided on the Slick Contact form as mine is a basic contact form and I wanted Ajax. Its floating feature is great.

  6. Alex

    There is one called Quform which I think should be on the list… Thanks for the rest :)

  7. Dotan, vCita Team

    Another Free, easy to use and fully customized contact form you should check out is
    Contact Form By vCita –
    vCita now offers a new affiliate program for web professionals –

  8. Martin70
  9. Jack The WP Wrapper

    I would add Page Designer Pro (newly launched by WP Plugin Pros). As I run a business I need something that is time friendly, easy to make, and most of all simple but with great features! I found these needs in brilliant developers!

  10. Sendola

    Sendola isn’t a contact form, but it is designed to work on contact pages! It is a little button that when clicked, can send all the contact and location details straight to the visitor’s mobile phone, for free. This includes address, map, phone number, twitter and facebook links, driving directions and more.

    If you are thinking of upgrading your contact page, check out and make sure your visitors have all your details even when not on your website.

  11. Roberto M.

    Hello Sheela, there’s another contact form for wordpres i’d like you to check. The contact form i’m talking about is from ( I hope you can try it out. I use it on one blog (, It’s easy to configure it ( and I like it.

  12. Eric P.

    Thanks for the great article. I have a specific need that you might be able to help with. I have a WordPress site that I would like to place a form on to collect several fields of information. I need some back end automation such that this form can then populate the forms on another web page.

    I am looking at iMacros Enterprise Edition. However, I wanted to know if there is another alternative(s) you are aware of. Thank you!

  13. AbhiM

    i am using contact form 7… which is good and very flexible… i did not know even there is a contact form from jetpack. will try that…. many thanks for the article

  14. Wordpress Developer Jodhpur

    Thanks for sharing the list. You can also add one more very powerful and useful contact form plugin:

  15. Tusar Ranjan

    I Personally like the MN Contact form plugin, which is just a slick, lightweight contact form as compared to other contact form plugins, with variety of options. Recently they also have added the responsive form styling to the plugin.

    Anyone wanted to use it in his/her project can check it out at wordpress plugin repository at :

  16. wpcours

    Thank you for sharing this, recently i use Contact form, but i will try others in this list

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