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Blogging Pro Job Board Highlights (August 27-31)

Blogging Pro Job BoardIt’s the last day of the month, and it’s a Friday. So, what are you going to do tonight? Whatever it is, I hope you have tons of fun.

Before you check out for the long weekend, here are the highlights from this week’s Job Board.

Freelance Copywriter/Content Writer

Godot Media, a content writing firm is looking for hardworking writers who can do research and craft well-written content. Does that describe you?

Resume Writers

You may have it good with your writing gigs, but there are always people looking to find new jobs. For that, they need awesome resumes. If you can help them with their resumes, then try this telecommute job.

Technology/Productivity Bloggers

Gadgets make the world go ’round. Well, for some people at least. If you are always going on and on about the latest – or upcoming – gadgets, and you can write comprehensive guides for other people, then this blogging job will be perfect for you.

Witty Real Estate Blogger

Witty and real estate may not always be the first things that come to mind as a pair, but if you have the wit, the desire to write about real estate, and you live in Philadelphia, this blogging gig is worth trying out.

Stories and Essays on Digital Ethics

Digital ethics is not an easy topic but it is one of the most important ones we can discuss today. If this matters to you, and you have something to say about it, take a look at this listing.

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