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12 SEO Tips for Bloggers

Not many bloggers think about SEO when they first start out. It is, and quite rightly so, all about the content. Blogs are outlets for thoughts, feelings, knowledge, and networking. However, if you want to draw people to your blog then you’ll eventually have to think about how they will find it.

1. What should people be typing into Google?

In an ideal situation what would someone be typing into a search engine to find your blog? Once you know this you can work out what sort of keywords and phrases to target in order for your blog to start ranking for each of them.

Once you’ve got a good idea, do a bit of research using Google’s free keyword tool. There could be better words and phrases to target. Read More

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Get Productive! — Office Productivity Tools

With constant access to the internet—and consequently one’s friends and family—it becomes hard to pull away from it all and focus on one’s work. Everyone does it: “Let me check Facebook for a second,” or “I should check my email in case my [loved one] has an important message for me.” Yet without realizing it, seconds slip into minutes, and minutes become hours. Suddenly, it’s lunch time, and nothing has been accomplished. Don’t let this happen to you (again)!

Failing to manage your time reflects poorly on you as an employee, and repeated time management snafus turn into detrimental work habits. In an ever-connected world, focusing on one task as a time seems impossible. Savvy tech folk (probably fed up with their own bad work habits) have created the following tools to help you overcome distraction and get back to work. Find one that works for you, stick with it, and get more done. Read More

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Onpage SEO Plugin for WordPress Blogs

WordPress is really a powerful framework for designing PHP based dynamic website. But some people face problems during their SEO venture. Some developer face problem to create the sitemap for their WordPress website. But WordPress has one great feature called Add-On and by using this feature one can add several plugin to the website with just few clicks. Similarly there is also some effective solution is available in WordPress plugin store. Read More

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Can blogging be a full-time profession?

If you can write and give opinions, then you can become a blogger, no doubt. But whether you want to spend the rest of your life doing it full-time is for you to decide. That bloggers make substantial money blogging, and enough to sustain a life with that, is a bygone conclusion. If we are to believe the grapevine, America has half a million paid bloggers. As a blogger, you can work for big corporations at their offices or if you are not inclined to commute, you can work from home. That is the kind of flexibility today’s bloggers get. Read More

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How to gain followers on Tumblr and Blogger

Earlier this week, we’ve discussed techniques for managing blog content and design. Now that you’ve mastered these essential topics, it’s time to focus on developing your followers. Here are my stand-by techniques for promoting your Tumblr or your Blogger (or both!) after you’ve created a well-designed blog with quality content.

1. Tumblr

The “Ask” Box
On Tumblr, the Ask box is your best tool if you want to get followers. You can use it to create relationships, ask bloggers to check out your blog and drive traffic to your blog. One word of caution—do not be insincere when you ask people to check out your blog. One of the most disappointing messages a blogger can receive is “Hey, I love your blog, do you mind checking mine out?” because it’s clear that the compliment is hollow. Bloggers understand that you want to gain followers, so be direct and ask them to check out your blog—they will understand what you are trying to do and they will look at your blog. Bloggers have feelings too! Read More

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Blogging Pro Job Board Highlights (August 6-10)

Blogging Pro Job BoardIt’s Friday once again, and you know what that means: a recap of some of the most interesting listings from the Job Board this week.

Best of luck!

Video Game Blogger

Rant Gaming is looking for talented and passionate video game bloggers who can deliver excellent content. Not sure if ranting about difficult levels is part of the job, but that should be the norm, yes? Get in touch with Ryan Johnson to apply for the gig.
Read More

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Basic Security Tips for Bloggers (and Everyone Else Online)

Lock and Key ImageRecently, Mat Honan’s frightening account of how hackers destroyed his digital life has been making rounds online, scaring nearly everyone who reads it.

Basically, Honan’s digital presence was all but destroyed after hackers managed to delete his Google Account, wipe his iPhone, iPad and Macbook and deface his Twitter account. The reason for the attack, according to one of the people behind it, was “lulz” and to play around with a three-character Twitter name.

Honan’s position as senior reporter at Gizmodo did nothing to provoke nor protect him from the attack. Though he acknowledges his mistakes the affair, most sharply his failure to backup critical data (which everyone should have), his sharpest barbs were for Amazon and Apple, who’s security policies made the hack possible.

Though Amazon and Apple have responded by updating their security policies, hopefully to prevent future attacks along the same vector, many have been wondering what they can do to strengthen their security online.

The truth is, no security is perfect and anyone who is a valuable enough taget can be bit. But you can make yourself a more difficult target and someone who can not be trivially exploited and you can minimize the damage an attacker can do.

With that in mind, here are a few mostly common sense steps that can get you started to being more secure online. Read More

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Does It Make Sense You Are Going To Work?

Bill Gates said it quite eloquently with “Change the boundaries of business.” It took me a long time to figure out what that meant for me, but it allowed me to look inwards and realize that sometimes we do things a particular way because ‘that is the way it has always been’. I decided on something else, I was going to be my own boss – I decided that I was going to work from home. Let’s break down a few reasons why heading to work can actually be less than beneficial.  Read More

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Top 5 Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Web Hosting Company

There are currently thousands, if not millions, of companies that offer hosting services. This makes it very difficult to find one that offers the most ideal services at the lowest possible price. Before settling for a particular web hosting company, there are a number of factors to look at and compare besides the price to ensure that you settle for a service provider whose service is tailored to your specific needs. This post is a summary of the top 5 factors to look at when choosing the best web hosting company. Read More

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10 Plugins For Securing Your WordPress Based Website From Hackers

With its ease of use and versatile approach to fulfilling each individual’s needs WordPress opens the doors to the virtual universe.  As most of you know WordPress is the very popular software that allows each of us to install it, make mistakes with it and get it working again and again. With that in mind understand that you’re still moving forward, even if you’re falling on your face. This article offers the top ten most downloaded security plugins for WordPress. Read More

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