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“Here’s a useful and innovative giveaway from the folks at Ideafuel.  Portable whiteboard?  Yeah maybe, I guess a Harley is a motorcycle.  But no really, the ideaboard is a versatile tool you can use to ideate, plan, track, collaborate, and present.    

So how are they taking care of us?  Well, to make sure you don’t lost sight of having fun with your work, they are giving away useful work templates printed on the whiteboard sheets that you can use and reuse.  Speaking of green, they have made it easy for you to carry these sheets with you in a standard three-ring binder, so you can take it to your favorite park and bask in the rays of inspiration and relaxation.  You also have a chance to win the mini ideaboard- a sleek multi-functional portfolio for your templates that can fit into your laptop bag.  Go here to register for the giveaway.”

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  1. Bhushan Lele ) says: 9/12/2012

    Thanks to the bloggingpro team for hosting our giveaway and to all who entered the Ideaboard Giveaway! We have selected our winners for both contests.

    Congratulations to:
    Mike Williams for winning the Mini-Ideaboard contest!

    Congratulations to Mike Williams (double winner!), Michael Carrasquillo, Mark Rust, Joy Keeney, and Lauren Guilbeau for winning the template pack contest!

    We will be launching our kickstarter campaign any day now. Please visit us at for more information.

    Inventor and Founder, Ideaboard


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