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Best Analytical Tools for Your Mobile Phone

Google Analytics Hacks

Google Analytics Hacks (Photo credit: Search Engine People Blog)

Keeping track of your website is a big deal, and with pretty much everything else going mobile, your analytical tools should be too. Most analytics update in real time, so why not get a mobile analytics app to help you actually track your site as views happen. Here are the best analytical tools for your mobile phone.

Google Analytics Mobile – One of the most popular analytical tools of all time, Google Analytics is now available on your mobile phone. The app features complete access to Google’s Analytics dashboard including website, app, and site analytics. You can log into this in the same way you would online, which makes the app simple and easy to use.

Analytics App – This app is usually considered to be the best Google Analytics app for iOS out there, and at $6.99, it’s hardly stretching the budget. One purchase works forever with no renewal required, and the data is updated in real time so that you can check on your website or websites as views and sales happen. Analytics supports everything from Google Analytics, and is essentially one of the first mobile apps for iOS that features everything all in one place. You can also get Analytics app in HD for iPad for the same price.

MopApps – If you’re selling apps, this is probably one of the best apps for you. Mopapps is available for Windows Mobile, iOS and Android, which makes it one of the most versatile tools out there. Track your app store sales, compare results, send messages, and view complete analytics from all of your mobile stores, all in one place! MopApps starts out free, but if you make enough money they’re going to start charging you.

GoAnalytics – One of the most frequently downloaded free Android Google Analytics apps on the market, GoAnalytics lets you take your analytical tools everywhere. Track app sales, websites, and more across multiple websites and servers. GoAnalytics even allows you to use multiple accounts and profiles so that you can easily switch between your networks. This analytical tool is very simple, easy to use, and with an average 5 star review, a great choice for any mobile user.

AppFigures – This is a great app tracking analytics tool that tracks the performance of your apps and stores. If you have five apps or less, you can track them for free, if you have more, you can pay a set price per year for the app. You can also track the top 400 apps in each category, allowing you to check out your best competition so that you can improve your own sales. AppFigures allows you to track your apps sales, location, use, and even reviews. It’s also available for Windows Mobile, iOS and Android, plus offers users a desktop application at no extra charge.

Webtrends Today – This app is available only for iPad, but is useful for anyone who wants to keep track of top analytics. Webtrends is completely free and lets you check on your Analytics 10, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube analytics right from your iPad. Information is updated in real time so that you can respond, or increase activity as necessary. However; Webtrends today is only useful if you either have, or are willing to get an Analytics 10 account.

There are plenty of analytical tools out there, so if you need something for your website, you can probably find it for your mobile.

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    • Mike says: 9/18/2012

      Another good one to check out is Apsalar ( They have some pretty flexible reporting like funnels and cohorts and it’s free.


  2. Lisa @ SBC ) says: 9/27/2012

    Difficult to beat Google Analytic in my opinion – Good List!
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