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How to Bank 5 Figures Monthly Using Forum Marketing

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Did you know that some online marketers are banking 5 to 6 figures monthly by just using forum marketing?

If you use forum marketing correctly you can make a very nice living out of it, plus reinvest money into other online marketing avenues and keep as much money in the bank as possible. To excel in forum marketing you have to acquire very specific criteria of skills that will enable you to generate the amount of money you want.

Let’s have a look at 3 main factors of successful forum marketing.

Building Your Brand

There is not much better that you can do than building your brand at the biggest online marketing forum, the Warrior Forum. What you need to do to build your brand is to be active in the community, share your experience, post valuable threads and contribute as much as you possibly can.

Your goal is to increase the number of posts as well as how often you have been thanked in posts. You don’t need to be the person with the highest post count or person who has been thanked the most, but you need to have some sort of decent contribution level on the forum.

Free Giveaway Products

Creating free giveaway products has multiple benefits such as building your brand, generating leads and simple building up momentum for your business. Your main goal is to create products that other people need and seek. You need to bring uniqueness, value, and relevancy into your products to make other people believe that you have the best product in your niche.

To be great at creating free giveaway products you need to research your market all the time. One of the best things you can do is to find a great product and improve it a bit. The only thing that matters in terms of building your brand and generating leads is the perceived value of your product.

Paid Products

People expect a lot from paid products, in fact most people are looking for products that have the magic push button to their success, but in reality it doesn’t exist. Since we know that most people are looking for the magic button, we need to provide them with a great value proposition that represents the value they are seeking.

People buy what they want, not what they need.

The main goal of your product is to deliver people what they want. Most people are more interested in reading information than actually applying the information that they learn. The reason for this is because it’s a lot easier to buy an ebook, read it once and then put it aside than it is to consistently apply information until success is reached.

Your value proposition determines how people will respond to your offer. The better you are at proposing your value to your targeted audience, the more money you will make with forum marketing.

As you can see, it’s all about how much work you put in that determines your success. The harder you are willing to work on your forum marketing skills and products, the better chances of success you will have. Become a studier of the “game” and make it happen.

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Gerald Gigerl is a forum marketing specialist who focuses on list building and product creation. If you want to see how Gerald generates up to 75 leads a day and banks 5 figures monthly, get a copy of his latest report at:

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  1. Dean Saliba ) says: 9/19/2012

    Giving away some freebies is something I’m going to start doing when I get my first book published soon, I won’t be able to give many away though. Would it hurt me if I gave away a smaller amount than others do?


  2. Emailer ) says: 9/20/2012

    I think building a brand that customers love is the most important! There was a good book about it, something like lovemark, I don’t remember.


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