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Best Analytical Tools for Your Mobile Phone

Google Analytics Hacks

Google Analytics Hacks (Photo credit: Search Engine People Blog)

Keeping track of your website is a big deal, and with pretty much everything else going mobile, your analytical tools should be too. Most analytics update in real time, so why not get a mobile analytics app to help you actually track your site as views happen. Here are the best analytical tools for your mobile phone.

Google Analytics Mobile – One of the most popular analytical tools of all time, Google Analytics is now available on your mobile phone. The app features complete access to Google’s Analytics dashboard including website, app, and site analytics. You can log into this in the same way you would online, which makes the app simple and easy to use. Read More

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What You Need to Know to Publish Your Book

Publishing a book has never been easy as it is now. Thanks to the changing publishing and consumer landscape, as well as evolving technology, publishing a book can be easier than actually writing one. For authors who have worked with traditional publishing houses, that statement bears more weight, but these days, there are alternatives to traditional publishing.

If you have been holding back on giving your book project your all because of publishing concerns, here are some important things you ought to know about publishing your book. These will help you get on your way to, finally, becoming a published author. Read More

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Blogging Pro Job Board Highlights (September 10-14)

Blogging Pro Job BoardHappy Friday, everyone! Here are the highlights from this week’s Job Board.

Wheelchair Users/Limited Mobility Bloggers

This is not your usual blogging gig, but the premise is a crowdsourced blogging platform. GoodBlogs is looking for bloggers to contribute articles and posts about the lifestyle of wheelchair users and those who love them.
Read More

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Overcoming Hurdles in Your Content Curation Process

Many bloggers these days are turning to content curation as a tactic to add to their repertoire of blogging tools.  As they do so they are finding that content curation can be hard work.  Maybe not as hard as content creation, but it does have its own hurdles and can be very time consuming to do well.

The biggest hurdle to content curation is also why it is valuable to your blog’s community – there is so much information to read through and digest out on the internet.  To do well at curation, you need to process 20, 50 maybe 100 articles and posts per day to find great information to curate.  Just skimming a bunch of titles from your RSS feed and posting them without comment just doesn’t cut it these days. Read More

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A Beginner’s Guide to Make Money Through Blogging

Citizen journalism / blogger card by Pinseri-blog

Blogging is a simple technique applied by most, and is one of the newfound ways to make money online. Yes, making money though blogging is not a difficult thing when done in a right way. Blog is nothing but a website that requires regular updated content. In simple words, blogs are online dairies with content listed in chronological order for easy access. Blogs have content arranged in order so that readers can scout the website and find related posts without any difficulty. Read More

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How To Monetize Your Blog and Earn Passive Income Using E-Commerce

When we think about monetizing our blogs with passive income we generally think of adsense or paid banner advertising. But did you know can also monetize your blog and earn passive income using e-commerce? It is now possible to set up and maintain a profitable e-commerce store right from WordPress.

Setting up an e-commerce store was previously only possible using expensive or confusing softwares such as X-Cart or Zen Cart. Both are excellent e-commerce solutions. X-Cart is quite pricey and has a steep learning curve. Zen Cart a free solution is a little more straight forward but will still require some clever navigation through the admin interface. Both systems however run independently from your main website. Read More

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How to Make Money from Your Blog Without Cramping Its Style

You want your blog to earn you an income, right?

Most bloggers want that. But you don’t want to cramp your blog’s style by plastering it with a bunch of flashing, in-your-face advertising. You don’t want to add affiliate links to every paragraph. And you don’t like the idea of running sponsored (in other words, paid for) posts on your blog.

It just feels… not right. Not your style. Not what you wanted for your blog.

That’s cool. I’m going to share with you how you can make more money blogging a different way. Read More

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Blogging Pro Job Board Highlights (September 3-7)

Blogging Pro Job BoardHow is September treating you so far? My first week has been rather good, with an even better outlook for the rest of the month. I hope things are the same for you!

Here are some of the best job listings from this week’s Board. Luck!

Internet Copywriter/SEO

This position is for individuals who have experience in search engine optimization and copywriting for web pages. It’s a telecommute gig, so go for it!
Read More

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Time Management for Bloggers: Streamline and Maximize your Time Online with Tools

The goals that you set each day when blogging requires the use of various productivity tools. If you are spending a lot of time at your computer or on your iPhone, then you need a way to easily access all of your data and research. Online tools provide you a way to organize your thoughts and save information you may want to add to your blog. Read More

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Tax Deductions for Bloggers and Freelancers


Tax (Photo credit: 401(K) 2012)

Many bloggers and freelancers frequently ask what expenses they can deduct for tax purposes.

The answer depends on the reason you engage in blogging. You can deduct expenses you incurred in connection with your blog or freelancing gig if you can show that you run your website or freelancing activities for the purpose of generating income.

The tax law provides that “you can deduct all ordinary and necessary expenses in carrying on a trade or business.” (IRC Sec 162a).

The fist question you should answer is: Is your blog, website, or any other gig run for generating income or is it just your hobby which you do for entertainment? Your activities will be considered a business if you can show that you are actively pursuing revenue generating opportunities. Read More

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