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The Secret To A Hugely Successful Website – People

When you build a website or write an article for that website, or even change the colour of the backgrounds it’s important to remember who you are doing it for – in other words the people. Sure you’ve heard it all before: ‘write for people not Google’ right? Well hear me out because that’s not really what I’m talking about here. You see the problem with writing ‘for people’ is that often those people are rather dehumanized by the whole process. It’s a step up if you’re writing to entertain and not just to please an algorithm or a ‘robot’ – but don’t you think ‘people’ is really a rather broad term? The question I want you to really ask yourself is what people?

People Are Different

When you were growing up you were probably reminded on several occasions by your parents that everyone is different. And they probably pointed out that you can’t tar everyone with the same brush. Well this is good advice for just getting along in the world, but it’s also great advice when it comes to being a hit online (which probably isn’t what your parents were concerned with…).

A good business for instance knows that they need to think about their target demographic and will do lots of research to make sure that they’re targeting the people they want and that their product is tailored to those people. If you run a website this should be no different and you should think about who it is reading your site, and about how you can attract that kind of person and make sure that they’re enjoying the content you’re putting out.

For instance then if you run a website that’s about computer games then you need to ask yourself who it is that will likely be reading it – which will be generally the demographic that mostly play computer games meaning people in their teens to their thirties, generally male and generally people who are tech savvy. They probably have a fairly ample disposable income (games aren’t cheap) and they probably are generally interested in media and pop culture.

Giving Your Traffic Personality

Now of course you need to then write in a way that is going to entertain this group of people and that means adapting your writing style to fit. The subject matter meanwhile needs to be something targeted towards this audience and this is a great way to branch out to other topics without losing your reader base. A great trick is to write a profile up for the person you’re targeting your posts toward. For instance and to write about their age, hobbies and likely career – then just ask yourself when you’re writing ‘would Person X enjoy this article?’.

Sometimes I will even do this by targeting people that I actually know. For instance then I will come up with a topic for a fried because I know they’ll like it, and then I’ll write that article in a way that I know they’ll enjoy. People tend to fall into types, and so by targeting that person I can rest assured that I’m probably targeting a large audience and that my article will be well suited for people like my friend. This strategy also then means I have at least one built in reader guaranteed, and if I post on their wall on Facebook then the link is likely to be seen by more like minded people.

Getting the Targeted Traffic

At the same time though it also means making sure that your SEO and marketing targets that audience. Of course you probably know by now how important and useful it is to use targeted campaigns through PPC Ad Networks etc., but at the same time you should be thinking about how to target even your keywords. Think not only in terms of the popularity of a keyword or the competition surrounding it, but also about what kind of person is likely to search for those terms.

But more effective still to get the right people to your site and to really think about your traffic as people rather than numbers is to use community aspects. This is something Google is trying to do with Google+ so don’t underestimate the importance of getting into people’s circles so that your content comes up in their personalized search. Likewise use forums to not only market your content but also to research and generate the kinds of things your readers want.

Give your traffic more personality still by providing a community aspect on your site, and make sure that you remember that you’re a person too – so make sure that you’re visible and that your personality comes across in your writing and even in your advertising. In short, treat your visitors like they’re your friends and tailor your site to them, and you’ll find that promotion and content creation becomes a lot easier.

James Sax is an online geek-blogger who usually blogs on contemporary marketing trends that are followed in the industry. He works for Link Wheeler – a firm that provides premium Link Wheel services for their esteemed clients. For more information, log into your twitter account and learn more.

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