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Get Paid to Facebook: Why Social Media Jobs are All the Rage

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Social media has made its impact on the world, and this includes Corporate America. Today, many companies are realizing just how important it is to have a social media presence, which means that social media jobs are on the rise.

Social media managers, community managers, social specialists—these are all a few of the titles that people are being given at the office. They spend their day perusing social media sites, posting status updates, sharing pictures and commenting and liking posts. What separates these people from those who already do this at work? These people are getting paid for it.

Popular job hunting sites like CareerBuilder, Indeed and Monster are being bombarded with company requests for social media ninjas. These companies realize that social media is more involved and requires more of a commitment than what a part time intern can handle, so they’re looking for someone to hold this responsibility.

Even schools are starting to realize the need for social media managers, so they’re offering social media courses and social media programs to help this people gather more experience and education to help them land a job.

But since earning a social media degree is still relatively new, most community managers today stumble upon their jobs. In fact, in most cases, the community manager was someone who already worked for the company who was promoted into the new position.

Social media managers perform multiple tasks throughout their day. They’re often in charge of creating the social accounts for their companies, getting them on board different channels to further their reach. They’re also in charge of maintaining these sites by posting status updates and tweets and holding conversations with their fans and followers. They’ll also monitor what is being said about the company through these channels to gain insight into what people like and dislike about their products and services as well as gather more information on the company’s target audience.

Social media managers can also be in charge of posting videos and photos to the company’s social accounts and even creating and maintaining social media contests and giveaways. Social media managers are also often left in charge of creating and maintaining the company’s blog.

Social media offers companies a great way to reach a wide audience, and having a social media manager allows this responsibility to be given to one person (or a team, if necessary) so that it remains a focus for a company’s marketing strategy. Many companies are finding that if they add this responsibility to an existing employee’s plate, it sits on the bottom of the to-do pile, and their social efforts can be left unattended for days—and in the social world, that can be disastrous.

If you enjoy social media, you may want to consider making it a career. The search for social media or community managers is now larger than ever, and it is the right time for you to find the job that you love.

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    Social Media is profitable because anyone can reach an extremely large digit of people without spending a lot of money on marketing.


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