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Virtual Private Servers: Should You Get It for Your Blog?


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If you are just starting out with blogging and have decided to use your own domain name instead of the free, hosted alternatives like or, then you might feel overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to sift through. There are so many things to decide on when you decide to go it alone in the big wide world of the internet.

One of the first decisions you have to make is whether or not you should use a virtual private server for your blog.

But first, what is a virtual private server?

A virtual private server, or VPS, is similar to the typical server that a web host operates locally. But the key difference is that the VPS is in another location. The data of your site is stored in a virtual machine, which works just like an actual server.

A virtual private server has a number of advantages over locally located servers. The biggest advantage here is that eliminates the need for you to operate and maintain your own server. This is a very tedious and time consuming process and a VPS removes those difficulties for you. The VPS is maintained by the owner of the VPS.  Another advantage is that a VPS scales with your needs. You can easily get more than one virtual machine in one virtual server, or you can share your VPS with other people’s data. You won’t even have to worry about security because you won’t be able to see each other’s VM, and therefore, the data contained in each VM remains intact.

A VPS has made it easy to operate a site and also to maintain a blog. It is also more cost-effective. Getting your own VPS is quite easy. There are many companies that offer virtual private server hosting online and each one offers different features to distinguish it from others. For example, the virtual private server hosting by ProfitBricks has a number of features including user defined virtual servers.

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  1. emrecnl ) says: 10/11/2012

    This post just smells advertisement and personally I believe it adds nothing but confusion for most people those who here to find clues about making their blog better. I had a small company for few years in hosting and dedicated server business. From my own experience; no you do not need a VPS server unless your blog is really a big one like BloggingPro and (you name it) other big ones.


  2. Ashley Shone says: 2/11/2013

    I have to agree, a standard blog doesn’t really require more than standard shared hosting can offer. Virtual Private Server solutions should really only be considered when the blog is really quite large and has significant traffic.


  3. Seonett says: 4/4/2013

    Thanks for posting this post. yes we believe that it would not be suitable for blog. but anyone can try from


  4. Laura Hill says: 6/11/2013

    There’s no harm in trying but one should know that setting up a VPS is not cheap so in order to optimize the value you have paid, then it would be better if your blog has a great amount of traffic like what I tried having VPS in Australia.