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How to Create Quality, Attractive Blog Content

If you’ve been beating your head against the wall trying to lower your bounce rate for your blog without any guidance or direction, don’t start to feel like you’re the only one.  Most people that are struggling to keep their readers engaged, give up and move away from blogging. However, to truly figure out how to keep the attention of your readers, you must learn how to make your content “sing”; so to speak. Until you learn this, your fight for attention will be never ending.

Speaking to Your Niche

When you write for you niche audience, you have to know who you’re going to be dealing with. In other words, your niche demographics. If you write for your personal blog, most of the time you will be writing in a style known as informal. Which is fine, but only to an extent. It is one thing to write with an accent, or use terms like LOL and auntie. However; when you write for your home business blog, you should stay away from any slang terms, and refresh your vocabulary as well as your grammar skills. Pay attention to commas, punctuation, spelling, and stay away from run-on, and fragment sentences.

Habits of Your Niche

Something important to keep in mind is; what are the reading habits of your readers? To answer this, there are a few different kinds of readers such as your repeat visitors, and your first-timers. Usually people have something specific they’re looking for when they come to your site. The difference is the  first-time visitors are the ones looking for specific content, while the repeat traffic is browsing to find something new they haven’t seen. We all move in a very fast paced lifestyle now and no one wants to waste time if they don’t need to. So keep in mind what people are coming to your site for, and adhere to their needs.

Always Give Credibility

Ask yourself how many times you’ve been reading something and you suddenly realize the author was quoting his/her research? Now ask yourself if you believe what the author has written? If you answered yes it’s either because you trust the author, or more often because the author has cited what he/she researched. When you are quoting people important information, one way to make sure they know it is factual is by giving them the source of the exact information you’re quoting.

Be Unique

Another way you can insure that your readers are staying excited about your content, is being unique. Of course your content is going to be unique, because duplicate content on your website is a bad thing. However; all your images you use throughout your blog posts should be unique. Ultimately the best thing you could do is create the images “in house” or yourself. This way every post is 100% yours, and the search engines LOVE new content.


This should be a no brainer with the way social media impacts our lives now. If you are distributing great unique content, don’t be afraid to show it off. Get your content in front of people. Do this by adding social buttons or social widgets for readers to interact with. Also; try to get feedback from your social networks to show up alongside, or under your content.  This will increase your readers greatly once they see others opinions and conversations, in the feedback and comments.

Constructive Criticism

Don’t think you’ll be off the hook for those people that like to criticize just because you’re putting out great content now. There will always be someone that will make the negative comment you never wanted to hear, but don’t worry about it. Take those negative comments and think about them like criticism, turn them into points of interest, and take action to correct the problem. Essentially the negativity will come from problems readers had either reading your content, or problems they had with how you worded or stated something.

Hopefully this article has inspired you to either change the way you’ve been writing content, or made you want to start writing now that you know how. Please pass it on and remember, being unique online is something to be proud of. Those who follow will never lead, and those who lead will never follow, only improve on what they’ve learned.

Written by HomeNetPro. Here at HNP, we believe the online community should be presented only with the most quality of content, just as this article recommends bloggers create. Please visit our blog to learn more about home businesses and working from home.

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