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How to Write More Content More Quickly – Top Tips for Writers

If you want to make your website into a huge success then you need to really focus on your content. The content is the reason that people will come to your website in the first place, and the content is what will keep them there if it’s good. At the same time, your content is crucial for SEO because this is what Google will search in order to connect their users to the right content.

So in other words then, if you can write quickly and if you can write well, then you’ll find you quickly gain a more loyal user base and that Google starts sending more traffic your way.

Now teaching someone how to write well who doesn’t have natural ability can be an uphill struggle. When it comes to writing quickly though there are many little tips that can be very helpful. Here we will look at some of them in order to help you pump out twice the content and promotional material in half the time.

Write About Things That Interest You

Writing about things that interest you makes content creation into a joy. We all of course enjoy writing things that interest us, and that we’ve been thinking about and this means that we won’t be likely to get bored. At the same time though, if you write about something you find interesting and/or have been thinking about recently, then you’re also going to have a lot to say on the topic before you even begin and this will help you to write more quickly without having to do huge amounts of research first. I’m the kind of guy who will get onto a subject and then rant for ages and no one can stop me. It annoys my girlfriend and it’s not great for keeping friends, but set me lose to rant in an article and I’ll get lots of work done before I even know it.

Bend Topics to Interest You

Of course this will be easier said than done in many cases, and you are writing on a particular topic you might find it hard to get interested. All you have to do then is to think about ways you can make that subject more interesting by relating it to something you are interested in or somehow how making it more creative. For instance if you are writing about how to make money online and you love football, then you could always make the article into ‘Lessons That Webmasters Can Learn From Football Managers’. Voila – you have an article you can churn off and that will be engaging for the audience.

Distract Yourself

It’s hard to stay focussed on typing partly because it’s such a dry and boring thing to do. If you are sitting in an empty room just writing then it’s no wonder that you’re probably feeling a little restless. To make this more bearable then, look into ways you can entertain yourself without distracting yourself. For instance I will often watch gameplay walkthroughs on silent on half the screen while I type, and this allows me to get some visual stimulation and to stare out something while I type so that I don’t start banging my head against the table…

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