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Valuable WordPress Themes for Online Portfolios


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Choosing the WordPress theme might be difficult. Everybody has a genial idea to look for hot topics, but a page that looks exactly like Facebook or Twitter will not only be ridiculous, but it also show bad taste and lack of originality. This is why it is important to come with a brilliant idea, and to have a great, original, unique and pleasant theme.

It is important to establish the purpose of your blog before choosing a theme. For online portfolios, you should have an elaborated plan, and you will also need to be patient, as those blogs need some time before gaining the expected recognition.

Even if you think about a programmer, it will cost you some money. Whether you want to choose a predefined theme, or you want a new theme created especially for your blog, you must know that there are advantages and disadvantages for each one of those methods.

Building a theme

–          Dreamwaver and CoffeeCup

Those two programs are great for people that want to create their own themes, and you will also have the possibility to maintain and upgrade the site easily, as you already know the theme and what it needs.

If your goal is to make money with your online portfolio, than you will need a catchy theme that will convince the visitors to come back on your website. Remember that those types of websites will keep you longer in front of the computer, allowing you to post new information every day. Therefore, it is really important to choose a section where you have detailed knowledge, a section that allows you to learn many things about the respective niche.

Try to avoid the topic “How to make internet money”. The topic is saturated, and the blogs based on this idea would probably fail since the start. Especially if you don’t have experience with this, it is a huge mistake. There are millions of websites with this theme, and it is hard enough to determine which one of those are real, and which are only scams. The websites that work good are those that are addressed to a category of persons, with new articles that are posted every day, and with webmasters that know the basics of online marketing.

You will need a great theme in order to have a successful site, and this can’t be done over night. This is the reason why choosing the theme is a crucial aspect.

You don’t need to be interested in what others do. Just because a person makes millions of dollars from a theme does not mean that you need to do something similar. On the contrary, the most original ideas are those that have the biggest chances to make real money. Your passion for the theme of the website brings the desired success, and if you want to choose a niche that is already exploited by others, you will probably not be so motivated, because it is not your idea. It is tempting to copy a successful blog, but it is also a bad idea that will compromise your chances of being successful.

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