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Five Great Strategies For Link-Building

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Successful linkbuilding is one of the keys to high quality SEO and utilizing the best SEO linkbuilding strategies available can help you increase the ranking of your blog or website in the search engine results pages or “SERPs” very quickly.

Today, we’re going to explain five great strategies for building high quality, relevant links.

Blog Commenting

Depending on your approach and intent, one of the best ways to build many high quality, relevant backlinks to your website or blog is by blog commenting. Blog commenting is not only a great way to share valuable information and opinions on other blogs, it’s also an easy way to leave your URL and have a permanent backlink.

When blog commenting, it’s important to focus on the pagerank of the particular blog post you’re commenting on, as a post with a high pagerank will definitely give your link more link juice and authority. A word of warning though, this method has been abused by many in the blog spamming habit. It’s important to research your target site, and post regular comments to build up a relationship with the site owner, instead of just relying on your links to have any value by themselves.

Forum Posting

Forum posting is one of the top ways to get thousands of backlinks. Posting on forums is also an effective way to share information and learn a lot yourself. When creating a forum profile, simply place a link back to your website or blog in your signature as well as in your forum profile.

Forum post can give you quality backlinks in three major ways. First, every time you post on the forum the link in your signature will give you a backlink. Second, you can create threads about your specific website or blog, if allowed, giving you backlinks. Third, by adding your link to your forum profile, you get a backlink. The link in your forum profile may be the most important because forum posters who contribute a lot to the forums frequently see the pagerank of their forum profile’s page go up quickly, making a forum profile link a potentially more authoritative one. Once again, use common sense and ettiquete. Spamming forums won’t go down favorably, it’s best to give solid valuable advice instead of looking for a way to multiply links.

Article Marketing

After Panda and Penguin, many people consider article marketing not to be an effective strategy. While I surely understand that many article directories have lost authority and the value of posting articles to certain directories is basically gone, there is a still a way to get great backlinks from article marketing. Think about the value behind a good press release, and use the article process for practicing bringing story into your business promotion.

The key is posting your articles to the best directories, the article directories which actually received a boost in rankings from Penguin and Panda. Yes, they are out there. Do your research, and you will quickly find that several article directories actually received huge boosts in rankings from Penguin and Panda. To name a few, HubPages, Squidoo and Examiner received hikes in the authority and ranking of their sites, making them great places to post your articles and get high quality backlinks.

Social Networks

Utilizing social networks for backlinks is an excellent to not only build backlinks but also to build a great following and fan base for your website or blog. Social networks have become some of the most effective tools of marketing and promoting just about anything and Google looks very favorably on links coming from social networks. Create a page on various social networks and stay active, soon enough you will not only get a lot of people visiting your page, your page will also increase in pagerank and authority, making any links you have on it much more valuable.

It’s important to note that many social networks do use a “no follow” tag, but it’s even more important to note that Google and other search engines still count these links, albeit not directly. No follow links still have a position in authority, and Google still counts valuable “no follow” links as quality links and, with social networks quickly rising in popularity, having a high value page on several gives a lot more authority to your blog or website.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the most powerful ways of creating quality backlinks to your website or blog. Guest blogging allows you to write high quality content and, when you post on someone else’s blog, add your link(s) at the end if you so choose. This is considered a very authoritative link by Google and other search engines as quality blogs command great pagerank. Focus on building the pagerank of your blog post as this will help your link gain authority and make it more valuable for your website!

Link building is key to success in SEO. Following these five strategies as well as utilizing others will help your website or blog gain much more authority very quickly and help you make huge improvements in the results you see from linkbuilding and from SEO in general!

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  1. Public Speaking Trainer says: 11/2/2012

    Extremely helpful post for link building.


  2. Chimezirim Odimba ) says: 11/3/2012

    We are actually spoiled for options when it comes to building links. There are many ways to do that. But I want to add a point: Let’s focus on getting traffic from our link sources as this will help us build more stable businesses (Especially with Google’s recent frequent updates).


  3. François | Linkody says: 11/5/2012

    An important part of the linkbuilding job is to monitor acquired links. One great tool for that is Linkody. It monitors inbounds links and sends alerts if any of them is removed or looses its follow attribute.


  4. Perth on the Net says: 11/7/2012

    These are indeed great strategies that we should incorporate if we want to gain web exposure and website traffic. We just need to be patient in doing all of this, because they are time consuming and needs a lot of effort.


  5. Casey Vong says: 11/10/2012

    I agree that these are great strategies to build links to your website or blog, but we must not forget the purpose of Panda and Penguin. The purpose of Panda and Penguin was to devalue low quality links and content.

    So before you start using these strategies make sure you ask yourself a simply question, “Is this link to increase my ranking in Google or is it to bring value to my audience?”


  6. Pex ) says: 11/21/2012

    All good advice, and these all take time and a good understanding of your topic, which is exactly why it’s important to create site about topics that you enjoy !


  7. Blogger Whale says: 11/28/2012

    I doubt if article directories still have the authority it used to have.With the ranks of directories slashing, the internal pages will have even less ranks.So i think article submission is not worth the time.


  8. Iren Parusheva says: 12/5/2012

    Every kind of link is useful when it comes to your link profile, it is true that most of these don’t have a lot of authority but if you are building them in a natural way it is still good to have them in your link profile.