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Check Your Blog Competition Using Proxy

When I think of the Internet in general and bloggers in particular, the words from the famous song Looking Back keep on reverberating through my head – “I was looking back to see If she was looking back to see If I was looking back at her.”

Just think about it, unless you are using a proxy server to surf the Net, then, to quote another famous song, “Every step you take, every move you make, I’ll be watching you.” That’s why every time you search for something, soon after you are bombarded with pop-ups and targeted advertising, all in the name of making your Internet experience more tailored.

It is a pretty safe assumption to make that those who choose to potentially earn their living from entering the domain of the Internet are pretty much up to speed with what goes on in their chosen place of employment. Similarly, it is safe to assume that they realize that blogging has become an ultra-competitive arena for generating an income.

There are now approaching 150 million blogs, and that number is growing exponentially. Even if you have the greatest idea for a blog and you execute that idea brilliantly with the greatest content, chances are that you will not be alone in cyberspace for very long.

Every niche market has followers and the Internet moves at warp speed. Consequently, it goes without saying that you will encounter competition. And once you enter an industry, any industry, but particularly an industry that evolves as quickly as social media, you have to be aware of what your competition is doing or you are doomed to failure. However, just as you are seeking to keep tabs on the competition, no doubt they are wanting to monitor what you are up to. And, with today’s advances in technology, everybody is looking at everybody but trying to show that they aren’t, hence the reference to Looking Back.

One way to easily keep a tab on your competition though is by doing it through a proxy server. Your IP address and domain are hidden when performing your “spying” duties enabling you to check on your competitors without fear of discovery. You must be aware though that there are proxy servers and there are proxy servers. It is best to buy proxy service such as that provided by a company like Geosurf that enable you to determine which country you wish to be seen remotely surfing from. This advantage gives you the chance of seeing your blog competitors all over the globe and spying on them.

Let’s just hope that your competitors aren’t aware of the existence of proxy servers as a blog monitoring device.

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