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5 Tips For Writing Articles That Will Take Your Blog To The Next Level

If you want to make money on the Internet then there’s a good chance you will have to become a great writer. There are other options and writing is not the only way. When people have a lot of money they can pay someone to do it for them. Some people prefer using video as their main weapon of choice because it plays to their strengths, but for the majority of people who are trying to bootstrap their business it means learning how to write properly. If you can’t do it then there’s much less chance of you being successful.

Well written articles get talked about by everyone and get linked to from various websites. One of the easiest ways to make money is by writing information products that need to be of a certain quality. Even building an audience by writing guest posts can only be done by someone who has a way with words. Then you have the sales page that will make you sales. The list goes on and on. It’s not too hard, so you have nothing to worry about, though you do need to learn a few things and we can go over them now.

Start reading books

Good writers read good books. Don’t rely on reading other blogs on the Internet because you never know if these people can write. It might sound good to you, but that’s no reason to think it sounds good to everyone. When learning how to write you read good books and carefully study how they do things. You can then take this information and test it in your own articles. It doesn’t happen overnight, but eventually you will improve rapidly.

Write a lot

After you study how to write you need to put it into practice. Nobody became a great writer by sitting down at night and watching television. They practiced their writing until they couldn’t hold their hand up anymore. After you’ve finished writing an article you have to watch how people react to it. That’s when you start noticing what people like and what they hate. Soon you can craft great articles that your audience will love.

Have a break

I don’t know much people who can sit down and write something amazing first time. The first draft is usually unrecognizable from the final copy. You might read stories on the Internet about writing as much content as possible, but if you don’t leave it for a few hours you’re doing yourself no favors. After you’ve written the first draft you should stay away for a few hours, or better yet you should wait until the following day to edit it.

Tidy it up

You don’t want anything in your article to be there if it’s not needed. Even when you edit something it could sound right, but when you go back through it purposefully trying to take out words you will see lots of them. Once pointless words have been taken out your article will flow a lot better than before. It’s sometimes small changes like this that make all the difference. Every word in an article should deserve its place. Take out the ones that don’t.

Plan it out

You shouldn’t just start typing away on the keyboard. You might be able to write something people will enjoy, but it won’t be as strong as an article that’s been carefully planned out. Planning an article out doesn’t even need to take much time. The only thing you really need to know is the main points you’re trying to get across, then you know to add them and in which order. The easiest thing to do is scribble down temporary sub-headings before you start.

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  1. Blogger Whale says: 11/28/2012

    The difficult part of writing is keeping the motivation up. Do you have any suggestions on how to keep it going even when there is little motivation. Rest apart your article has great information.


  2. Stephen ) says: 11/29/2012

    These are some great tips here Mason! If I had to add anything, it would be to just let it flow. When you sit down to write, do just that. You don’t have to write the final draft the first time around. Just get all your ideas down on the page. You can always come back and edit it later.

    As for the comment above, I would just recommend you write about what you love, that way it doesn’t seem so much like work and it will be easier to keep going (in the beginning where you may not have that many followers).


  3. sahil ) says: 12/4/2012

    thanks for sharing the article
    its really very informative and i could follow for writing my new articles


  4. Faiz says: 12/13/2012

    being a writer myself, can understand how important are these points. especially the first and the last points are very important.. nobody can become a writer overnight like you pointed out.