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Blogging Pro Job Board Highlights (Dec 24-28)

Blogging Pro Job BoardHappy holidays to all of you! Have you recovered from the Christmas festivities, and are you ready to usher 2013 with all of your energy?

We have not seen a lot of job listings this week, mainly because of the holidays, but we have a handful which might catch your interest.

Good Writer for Online Magazines

Got multi-personalities in your head? If you can translate this into writing for different online sites with different styles and topics, then you might have a good opp here. Read More

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Blogging Pro Job Board Highlights (Dec 17-21)

Blogging Pro Job BoardI hope you’re all enjoying a good Friday morning, in spite of all the talk about the end of the world. We have had a good run this week, and we’d love to share the best of the jobs from our Job Board today.

Wishing you a great pre-Christmas weekend!

Freelance Writer

Are you interested in human resource-related news? Are you based in California? If you can cover this topic, and you want to earn something from it, take a look at this listing and go for it!
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How to Improve Your Restaurant’s Quality Score

ctrDo you remember sitting at your desk in high school? The teacher just announced that there would be a pop quiz. You start to sweat a little. Your heart rate increases. You do your best, then anxiously await the results. Well, that’s kind of what a Quality Score is a test of how well you’re doing. Let me explain.

You have a business, which has a website. You blog, Facebook, and Tweet,  all designed to help guide potential customers to your restaurant website. In addition, you advertise in magazines, some store windows, and you have a short radio ad. But you don’t stop here, you’re a savvy entrepreneur, and you pay attention to keywords and Search Engine Optimization. Like a juggler, you have many, many balls up in the air. But how effective are your efforts?

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What’s Stopping You From Being A ‘Great’ Blogger – Part 3

If you consider your blog as a business, then you might understand the point being made here in a better way. If you don’t, consider it to be a one and then think whether a business would really get a kick-start without any valuable investment in and for it or not? A simple answer to this question is NO. That’s because any tangible quality item in this world is not free, and so is any digital item that you purchase and use online.

Any blog needs some good investment – in it and for it. Just like a business invests in its offices, transportation, employment, advertising etc., a blog also needs to invest money at various important events, for several different items. Read More

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Blogging Pro Job Board Highlights (Dec 10-14)

Blogging Pro Job BoardAre you swamped with work and holiday parties to attend? I hope you’re enjoying yourself in spite of the hectic days.

Here are the highlights from this week’s Job Board. Luck!

Technical Writer – API

Calling technical writers who have experiencing writing APIs! You have to be based in or near Mountain View, CA, as the job, while part-time, requires you to work on site.
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What’s Stopping You From Being A ‘Great’ Blogger – Part 2

How many times have you seen the same blog design, in the same niche, writing about the same topics? The number to be assumed could be high. That’s because even though there are millions of designs available over the web, webmasters often prefer to copy the templates used by ‘good’ blogs, and hence make a messed up photocopy of that good blog.

If not the design, there are several elements on the sites that are copied by many, from many. These elements are numerous, but the most important is the copying of the shades (colors) from other blogs. Thousands of webmasters often don’t take any pain of thinking about the colors that will be used on a blog. Sometimes, a plain red logo, and the whole site black with white background is the main idea of the so-called ‘website-development’. Read More

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Streaming Music on your Blog: Livestream your Soundtrack

Embedding a playlist on your blog can really amp up the mood of your blog post. Making your site visitors listen to the music you like is much better than eagerly talking about it.

There are a lot options out there on how to stream music on your blog besides embedding a video music playlist from YouTube. Given that Spotify, Groovetube, Rdio, and BearShare are the popular ones, there are a lot of music stream services that make sharing and creating a catalog of music on your blog easier.

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How I Created a New WordPress Theme in 5 Hours

WordPress LogoLast month I found myself with my back against the wall: My theme was falling apart.

In June of 2011 I had switched my site to the Headway Theme Framework, version 2.X. The changeover, initially, went very well. The theme was wonderful on the test site and, despite a hiccup or two in transferring it to the new main site, things were up and running quickly.

But problems slowly began to arise. The theme would occasionally have errors where the settings would change or elements would be added, causing sections of my pages to be repeated many times over. Most of the time the problems were minor and easily fixed, but they were annoying. However, over time the problems began to escalate.

After setting up the theme, I was at a major plagiarism conference in the UK when my site broke completely and became unreadable. The smaller errors started to become more common and it began to feel as if I was doing patch jobs on the theme weekly or more regularly.

I tried addressing the issue with both my host and with Headway’s support but none of the changes, including increasing the memory in my VPS, seemed to help. The people at Headway encouraged me to upgrade to the 3.X branch, saying it was much more stable and resource-friendly. However, there’s no upgrade path to go from 2.X to 3.X, meaning that doing so would require starting from scratch. In my mind, I didn’t have the time to set up a new theme and the patches, while annoying, were not time-consuming.

But then things went from bad to worse. In one day the theme went down three times and, the last time, temporarily took the entire database with you. Though I have good backups of my database, nothing causes a moment of panic quite like realizing that 8 years of hard work may have just been erased.

Fortunately it wasn’t, but with errors now as frequent as coffee breaks, I knew something had to be done quickly. So, that evening, I set out on one of my most ambitious WordPress-related tasks, creating an entire new theme in one night. Read More

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What’s Stopping You From Being A ‘Great’ Blogger – Part 1

How many times have you seen successful bloggers celebrating every post on their blog? To celebrate, here, means to enrich the engagement that comes along. You might be thinking that those ‘Income Reports’ posted by popular bloggers were there ever since they started their blogging journey, but it’s not the way you think. Those income reports, which contain four or five digit figures, are a compilation of months and years of hard word, dedication, will power and thousands of more things.

In this series, we shall discuss the obstacles that are you might be facing on your path of becoming a so-called great blogger, but yet ignoring them and moving forward. Read More

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Blogging Pro Job Board Highlights (Dec 3-7)

Blogging Pro Job BoardHey, it’s Friday again! What are you looking forward to this weekend? I hope you all had an awesome week, but before you leave work mode behind, here are the highlights from this week’s Job Board.

Copywriter – Healthcare

If you’re free for a couple of weeks, and you have experience doing copywriting with a focus on healthcare, this offsite opportunity pays rather well. Sales sheets, brochures, white papers, and other material will be required of you.
Read More

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