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How to Get Your Blog Post Shared


It is a scenario that every blogger knows well: you have come up with a great topic for a post. Gathering the appropriate data, you begin to craft a brilliant article based around it. You rewrite and then edit it, finding the perfect photos to accompany it. This is a labor of love, done with every detail sculpted to the letter with the kind of pride you can only get from working for your own site.

Publishing your masterpiece, you sit and wait for the views, comments and social media shares to begin flooding in. After all, we have been taught over and over again that high quality is the main requisite for making both popular and even viral content. The results should speak for themselves. Read More

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IT Security: The Need For Stronger Implementation Continues To Grow For Bloggers

Wordpress security hardeningAre you worried about your personal information being shared with the world or perhaps handing over your readers information to unscrupulous users? If you’re not worried maybe you should be. In 2012 several high profile networks were breached and the data collected from those networks was often left unencrypted for easy data theft.

From LinkedIn and Yahoo to Dropbox and Nvidia unhashed data collection led to usernames, passwords and other information being spread across the internet.

IT security has become such a critical issue that Comptia sy0-301 exam classes and other IT security exams and college degrees have witnessed drastically increased enrollment numbers. As more IT professionals attempt to fill a void that has been left open by lazy and untrained IT security technicians we can be hopeful for a more secure future.

Learning proper IT security is not a simple processor, students must understand Network Security, learn about compliances and operational securities and understand threats and vulnerabilities which are continually increasing in complexity. Read More

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8 Blogging Tips for Business Owners

What's in the bag? Business of Software 2010

(Photo credit: betsyweber)

The internet has turned the world in to one giant, interconnected beast. This web delivers information to humanity at a rate never before reached in all of human history. Because of this, every business should have some kind of presence on the World Wide Web. This can be a web page, a Facebook page, or even presence on a site like Tumblr or WordPress. Regardless of the route a company takes, there will be blog posts. These posts are pieces of prose that must be both informative and entertaining. This is the face of the business many will see so posting should be handled with care. The following are eight simple rules for writing a blog post. Read More

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Blogging Pro Job Board Highlights (Jan 21-25)

Blogging Pro Job BoardHappy Friday once again! How did this week treat you? I hope you’ve all been busy with work, and that you’re looking for to the weekend for some R&R.

Here are the highlights from this week’s Job Board, in case you want/need to apply for another gig or two.

Freelance Game Reviewer, Article Copy Writer

Are you and Android chick/dude? Do you have a strong interest in mobile games on your Android device? You might want to give this gig a go.
Read More

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5 Keys for a Successful Site Redesign

Design ImageThe time has come and it can’t be put off any longer. You need to update your site’s look (and hopefully you have more than five hours to do it in).

Whether your existing theme isn’t compatible with newer versions of your content management system (CMS), your layout isn’t isn’t capable of keeping up with what you want to do next with your site or your existing look has grown too dated, the decision to redesign a site is never easy.

Not only is it a great deal of work to create a new theme, but your readers, even if they don’t realize it, have likely become familiar and comfortable with it. As Facebook has shown us repeatedly, even small changes can lead to user revolts if you take your visitors out of their comfort zone.

So you do you prevent a site redesign from taking on a life of its own and becoming either a technical or a user nightmare? Obviously, planning is key but how you plan and what you plan is the difference between a relatively painless transition to a disaster that sets your site back months or years.

With that in mind, here are five of the biggest keys to focus on when you’re looking to redesign your site. Read More

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5 Ways Pro Bloggers Leverage Mobile Devices

Wondering how the top bloggers fill their sites with rich, exciting information? Care to know how professional bloggers drive herds of traffic to their site constantly? For many, the answer is going mobile. Let’s face it, there is only so much new and exciting going on outside our office windows. We’ve got to get out and experience life to craft enriching, intriguing blog posts. Going mobile is just the ticket.

1. Pro Bloggers Quickly Respond to Reader Comments


Image via Flickr by khanb1

If there’s a downside to having an adoring public, it’s that they demand constant attention. Pro bloggers know this is actually a good thing. Nothing frustrates readers more than a blogger who ignores their insightful commentary. When someone cares enough about what you’ve written to post a comment, it’s your duty to answer. Free yourself from the keyboard and get the app for your blogging platform (WordPress, Blogger, etc.). Then you can always answer comments and questions quickly, wherever you go. Read More

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Using Microblogging Platforms for Educational Purposes

Generalized microblogging network

Microblogging has become a part of the lives of Internet savvy individuals. What is the reason for the trend? In this fast-paced world, a quick announcement of what you are doing, within a word span of 140 words has enthused everyone to Microblogging. Considering their popularity, making productive use of Microblogging platforms will help in various activities that businesses, education, and organizations engage in.

Education is a comprehensive term used to describe the learning activities that involve individuals of all age groups from children to older students to teachers. The changing Microblogging arena provides a multitude of opportunities to make the learning process an interesting activity to everyone involved in the process. It aids collaboration and collective learning for effective understanding. All the stakeholders who contribute to education meet up at one point, online, for the betterment of education. Read More

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Blogging Pro Job Board Highlights (Jan 14-18)

Blogging Pro Job BoardHappy Friday, everyone! You might have noticed a slight dip in job listings in the past two weeks. Our apologies for this, as I had a medical emergency. We’re back, though, and we’re eager to bring you even more jobs.

Here are the highlights for this week!

Offsite Copywriter

Got the skills to simplify concepts so that readers don’t have to exert much effort in understanding your copy? Can you take existing business content and adapt it for resellers? Get on board for this offsite gig.
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The Importance of Effective Advertising in Present SEO

What really is Search Engine Optimization?

Many people view SEO as the technical aspect of launching and promoting website, and making it a success. It is associated with things like black and white hat strategies, Page Rank, and SERPs. It seems as though to become a search engine optimizer, you have to have certain skills and in-depth knowledge about the way search engines work.

Most importantly, you also need to know how to maneuver your way around the rules and algorithms implemented by Google, or at least know what to do in order to survive when many other websites are failing.

This perception of SEO services places SEOs in a bad light though. They appear as sly cheaters who want to win by playing with technical hoopla instead of competing by the rules. This is also why we can’t really blame Google for introducing the Panda and Penguin updates to their search algorithm. Instead of getting valuable results on the SERPs, websites with mediocre and even unrelated content are now flooding the results pages. Read More

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Effective SEO Plugins for WordPress


Search Engine Optimization or popularly known as SEO, plays a key role in popularizing your website. If you have a WordPress blog and wish to bring some visibility to it, you don’t have to go to great lengths. There are exclusive plug-ins available to do the job for you. Organize your traffic and increase your visibility to the right audience using these tools. Here are a few effective SEO plug-ins for WordPress: Read More

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