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Five Powerful Shopping/Ecommerce Plugin Solutions For WordPress


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Setting up a business online has proven to be a winning move for many people. Taking advantage of the explosive growth of online commerce is something you can also take advantage of with your site.

If you want to start your own e-commerce site, conversion is quite easy. One of the things you need to do is to install an e-commerce or shopping plugin. There’s no reason to worry about the platform on which your site is built on. There are many e-commerce or shopping plugins being developed for various platforms. In fact, you can even convert your WordPress-powered blog into a shopping site by just installing a plugin. There are many WordPress plugins that will put a shopping functionality to your blog. Her are some of them:

Quick Shop

This e-commerce plugin supports WordPress sits that uses the Sidebar Widgets. With this plugin, a widget will be placed on the side that shows the items in the cart. The user can remove items from the cart directly from the widget.

WP e-Commerce

This is one of the most popular plugins for shopping or e-commerce. The plugin has full features for selling products or services and even paying fees through the site.

Yak Shopping Cart

This is a great plugin if you want to pair your blog entries with certain products or services that you are planning to sell. With this plugin, the post ID also turns into the product code. There are three different pages that will appear in the WordPress management screen – product display and order fulfillment, product management, and a rudimentary sales report.


The eShop plugin for WordPress has many useful features that you will find essential for your ecommerce site – You can use the WordPress editor to create pages or posts to make product descriptions, the ability to list many products, the ability to have multiple options for products, the ability to upload downloadable products, generate and download sales data, Three different ways to calculate shipping charges, and a feature to input various zone settings by country or US state.


This is a plugin that caters to a particular niche – namely, artists. The plugin allows for the seamless integration of PayPal with your WordPress blogs so artists can sell their work on the internet.


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Dana has recently established her own e-commerce site, which now also offers the best credit card deals Australia.

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  1. Joe Hart says: 1/11/2013

    I personally prefer’s a really useful plugin…


  2. Dean Saliba ) says: 1/11/2013

    This year I shall be publishing my first book, I will be bringing it out as a physical book, an ebook and on the kindle. I will obviously be looking to sell the book from my website (as well as other places) but I was wondering which kind of e-commerce plugin would be best for this? I’m leaning towards to WP e-Commerce plugin but obviously don’t want to waste my money. :)


  3. Taswir Haider says: 1/22/2013

    Nice post…useful plugin.Bt I personally prefer Quick Shop.


  4. syed ) says: 1/29/2013

    Quick shop plugin is amazing im use this plugin in last five month very intresting and helpfull for for ecomerce blogger Thanks


  5. SFP says: 5/22/2013

    This year I shall be publishing my first book, I will be bringing it out as a physical book


  6. Josh Jones ) says: 7/17/2013

    I found this article interesting because after a full year of development, we created a new WP EasyCart plugin because we were having troubles as a design agency with other shopping cart plugins.

    We just launched this plugin about 24 hours ago, and it may be worthy of looking at by some. It has all the goodies like customizable themes, international support, admin tools, live shipping rates, etc…

    But really for anyone as a designer, it’s theme design structure is really slick. You can create your own theme folders and style it however you like without destroying your plugin when it gets updated.

    Again, we are a development agency, and use it ourselves for all our projects, but decided it might be worth posting up as a plugin and could be useful for others.


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