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Effective SEO Plugins for WordPress


Search Engine Optimization or popularly known as SEO, plays a key role in popularizing your website. If you have a WordPress blog and wish to bring some visibility to it, you don’t have to go to great lengths. There are exclusive plug-ins available to do the job for you. Organize your traffic and increase your visibility to the right audience using these tools. Here are a few effective SEO plug-ins for WordPress:

All in One SEO Pack:

It is one of the most popular ones used on WordPress. You will be able to personalize all the features of your content including the title, description, individual tags, etc. It is an ideal choice for both starters and advanced users. It also has the feature to avoid duplicate content from being found on your blog. Some of the features include Google Analytics compatibility, custom post type support, default optimization of titles to adhere with search engine rules, etc.

HeadSpace 2:

If you want a multi-functionality plug-in, then this is the one to go for. It can cover assorted SEO functionalities. You get to tag your posts, create custom-made descriptions or titles which help in enhancing your page ranking. HeadSpace 2 is modular and offers module features that help you configure the blog the way you want, without the requirement of too many plug-ins

Sitemap Generator:

Sitemap Generator helps create a sitemap for your blog. This is not similar to the usual XML sitemaps available, but a genuine sitemap generator that helps you customize the page anyway you want. The key features Sitemap Generator offers are multi-level page navigation and categories or pages, supports or permalinks, content customization, the order for lists, etc. The XML sitemap generated by the plug-in is ideal for Google (which is the most used search engine).

Broken Link Character:

Broken Link Character automatically searches all your posts for broken links and sends you notifications if it finds anything. It also checks for links that don’t work and redirects them, and searches for missing images. It stops search engines from following the broken links. You can update the links directly through your plug-in instead of manually changing and updating the posts. The minute you install Broken Link Character, it starts searching for links, bookmarks and posts. The search time will depend on the amount of content you have on your blog. Based on the content it might take a few minutes to an hour. You can keep yourself updated by going to Settings and clicking on Link Checker.

SEO Friendly Images:

Not just your content, you have to optimize your images for the search engines as well. If you don’t have ALT or TITLE set for your images, SEO Friendly Images will do it automatically for you. ALT is a key to Search Engine Optimization as it helps describe the image to the search engine that is indexing your site. When a user is searching for a particular image, it plays a key role in pushing the search engine to index your image higher. Though TITLE is not s important as ALT, it is an important feature for users as they can read the title given to the image by hovering over it.

Google XML Sitemaps Generator:

Google, Yahoo, Opera, etc. are some of the most used search engines by people around the world. If you want your blog to be visible, you have to abide by the rules set by this search engine. The Google XML Sitemaps Generator helps generate particular XML sitemaps that will help your blog get indexed better on these sites. When you have a good sitemap in place, it makes the job of the crawlers to view the full layout of your site and index them, swifter. The plug-in is compatible with all the WordPress pages. It also notifies the particular search engine automatically when post a new content on your blog.

These are a few plug-ins you can consider downloading to improve the chances of your page being visible to various search engines. With these Search Engine Optimization add-ons, you have chances of getting higher rankings for your websites. Use these to bring in more traffic to your blog and popularize your page in return.

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  1. Cameron - Internet Marketing NZ ) says: 1/15/2013

    I also think WP-Optimize and W3 Total Cache should be added to the list. They help reduce your sites load time and improve site metrics. This is now a more important ranking factor than ever.


  2. Nico Julius says: 1/16/2013

    I agree with Cameron, a slow site is bad for seo so a caching plugin is also very interesting. I would also like to add WordPress SEO by Yoast. I also used almost all the above plugins, but I switched to Yoast because it combines most of the functions of these plugins in 1 plugin. And the less plugins you install, the better. On top of that it also analyses your posts and gives you a “SEO score” and tips how to improve your post for better SEO results.


  3. Ravi ) says: 1/16/2013

    What is this?


  4. Dean Saliba ) says: 1/16/2013

    I am just about to use WordPress SEO by Yoast which I have heard great things about. SEO isn’t something I like to spend a lot of time on so if I can find a plugin that can do most of the work for me then that is great.


  5. Aranzamendez Design ) says: 1/17/2013

    I actually used All-in-one-SEO tool for my wordpress website. And I found it really useful and effective for my SEO campaign as well. I want to try the broken link checker.. It seems a good tool..


  6. Ravi @Technology Blog ) says: 1/17/2013

    Nice list but i think more Plugins can make Plcae in this list


  7. Sai Kumar ) says: 1/27/2013

    Hi, Great list of SEO Plugins. I am using most of the plugins from the above list. Thanks for Sharing!!


  8. Barbara Stratland ) says: 1/27/2013

    I have used these plugins on the WordPress sites that I am working and these really are a great plugin. I can attest on that.


  9. Mahbub says: 2/1/2013

    Without a single doubt, WordPress SEO by Yoast is one of the best optimization plugins that have ever been produced. Really its great.


  10. Thangaraju ) says: 3/10/2013

    Excellent post and all plugins are very useful for wordpress blogs to make better SEO friendly. Thanks to admin…


  11. SFP says: 5/22/2013

    Nice list but i think more Plugins can make Plcae in this list.Nice list but i think more Plugins can make Plcae in this list


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