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Convincing Your Boss to Budget for a Blog

workYou know having a blog is essential for your business. But your boss? Maybe not so much. Perhaps she’s focused instead on getting those big easy wins, or maybe she’s so old school she thinks blogging is nothing more than a way to give away precious company knowledge for free. Whatever her hesitations, it’s time to shake up that mentality, and the best way to do that is by knowing your stuff. I recommend starting first with a good guide to business blogging, finding a few key statistics, and developing a vacuum-tight pitch strategy. Here’s how to do just that. Read More

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Blogging Pro Job Board Highlights (Feb 18-22)

Blogging JobsGood morning! I hope you’re all enjoying a nice Friday. Here are the highlights from our Job Board this week.

Contributing Blogger, where you can find the most innovative and creative things online, is looking for a contributing blogger. They need writers who can provide content first thing in the morning (EST), and you can be based anywhere as long as you meet this.
Read More

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5 Design Rules No Blog Should Break

Rules SignWhen I was first studying design, there wasn’t much of a Web to use. So, I received most of my education and professional experience in that field learning print design.

In my closet I have several binders filled with things I made both professionally, personally and for school. This includes, flyers, brochures, buttons, newsletters, newspapers, booklets and more. However, as I was trying to pick up Web design, I brought a lot of what I learned in print design to the Web.

A lot of it was right, but a lot of it was very wrong and the Web, founded largely by people like me who grew up in the print design world, is just now waking up to some of those mistakes.

The truth is people don’t use the Web like they do a newspaper or a magazine. For an example, consider how far your nose is from your screen right now. Then, open up a book, hold it comfortably and take the same measurement, you’ll likely see a big difference.

So, if you want to create a good blog layout, you have to stop thinking like a print designer and break some of the rules you may have come to know and love, even without realizing it.

Here are five examples of rules that no blog design should break. Read More

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A Definitive Guide to Affiliate Marketing

An overview of online marketing. A simple grap...

Affiliate marketing is an often underrated but highly profitable means of selling laden with multiple benefits. Affiliate marketing not only is a brilliant source of earning additional income via advertising but it is also a valuable tool to increase an affiliate marketer’s goodwill and standing.

If you’re keen on becoming an affiliate marketer or indeed have already initiated an affiliate selling campaign, the following guide will manifest the finest ways of achieving success in the field and staying ahead of the competition. Read More

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3 Dos and Don’ts – Content Creation


English: Does Your Website Need a Web Content ...

Content is King, we all know that. How many times have you heard the phrase “quality content”? Do you even know what “quality content” means? This article will explain what “quality” content is and a few ways to help you create it!

Before we start consider these points:

  • Substance – Fill your content with juicy information. Awesome links and great tips.
  • Actionable value – Using the above, you can provide value to the reader. They walk away from reading your content, knowing much more than they did when they started. They can go and do something better than they did before, thanks to your advice.
  • Layout – Do not underestimate the value of a quick bit of formatting. Keep paragraphs short, add bullet points and numbered lists and add images where appropriate. Content with lots of white spaces like this, are much easier to read that blocks of text. Read More

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5 Signs You Need to Change Your Blog Host

Web Hosting Servers

If you visit the top “blogging tips” blogs today you’ll notice a lot of talk about what it takes to build a successful blog; from writing great content to coming up with a plan to monetizing your blog. Essentially, all it takes to build your blog is often talked about except what really matters; your web host.

If you choose the right web host for your blog, you’ll continue to benefit from your choice for years to come. If, however, you chose the wrong web host your blog will suffer from it for a very long time.

Slow loading speed is one of the reasons most people stop visiting a website and a whopping 78% of online shoppers will happily abandon a website if it’s slow. Also, slow websites cost the US economy at least $500 billion every year. And that’s just what we can name. There are countless other problems you will experience with a bad hosting company, some of the most common ones being: Read More

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Blogging Pro Job Board Highlights (Feb 11-15)

Blogging JobsHow did your Valentine’s Day go? Either you had the time of your life, or you escaped it unscathed. In any case, I am sure you’re looking forward to the weekend. Before that, here are some of the most interesting jobs from the Job Board this week.

Good luck!

Web Content Writer

Demand Media is one of the more popular companies hiring writers, and if you’ve always wanted to work for them, here is your chance. The pay is good, and you simply have to follow their guidelines.
Read More

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Here’s My Blog… So Read it Maybe?

karol 1Sorry for doing this (using such a headline), but I just couldn’t resist the temptation. Anyway, this post is about the reasons … the reasons why anyone would want to read your blog.

You might think that this is a topic that’s been thoroughly covered across the internet already, right? I’m sure you’re familiar with the term “quality content.” But is it really enough to get someone to read your blog? Isn’t an even more important factor missing in this blog-popularity picture?

For instance, there are a lot of mediocre recording artists who still manage to attract massive followings of people just because of their _______ … yea, no one really knows why, and that’s the point. In my honest opinion, producing this mysterious quality content is not good enough to make your blog popular / attractive to the average member of your audience.

What is the reason for this? Well, probably more than a dozen of those, but I’m no psychologist so I can only point out two: Read More

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How to Promote Your Website: Part Two – Promote Your Content

English: Manual seo is one of reputed link bui...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have already discussed about create content at part one. This article is part two which covers how to promote your content.

This is the most effective way to promote any website and get consistent traffic flowing in its’ direction. The problem with most people is that they are not patient enough to work consistently on their SEO so that they can end up with the fabulous results of ranking highly in relevant search words for their sites.

Assuming that your site does not have any technical hitches, there are 3 key SEO activities which if you execute consistently will get you amazing results. They are keyword research, on-page keyword usage and link building. Read More

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Online Reputation Management – What You Should Be Doing?

Online Reputation Management

(Photo credit: SalFalko)

The online reputation of your business is something that can have a great impact on the way your business is perceived by the people. When people search for your business, they come across the company website, social media links and other related information, considering that any particular person checks all of them, it is important to create a good impression through all these links. The important aspects that must be considered include:

What are your customers saying about your business, products or services?
What information are they reading about your business practices?
What sources are used to talk about your business? Read More

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