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Blogging Pro Job Board Highlights (Jan 27-Feb 1)

Blogging Pro Job BoardWe’re facing another new month. What are you looking forward to the most?

I hope you’re doing well in terms of gigs. Here are more opportunities that might interest you.

Freelance Writer for Regional Magazine

For writers who are based in Broward County, or near the area, this opportunity requires up to 25 hours per week. You have to be able to visit local businesses and review them. Send at least 3 writing samples to be considered.

Content Writers

Want to write premium content for Angie’s List? This is a telecommute, short-term project that requires articles of 700-800 words each. Approved articles are paid rather well.

Ace Journalist

Here’s an excellent chance to write for a well known brand, Popular Mechanics. They are looking for experienced journalists who can provide great content for the Home Section. Telecommute position.

iOS Apps Reviewers

Do you live and breathe iOS apps? If you do, and you can commit to writing reviews in bulk – about 30 apps per week – then go for this telecommute gig.

Sports & Social Media Writer

Short-form experts who know how to follow AP style, listen up! This gig is based in New York and requires you work on a variety of platforms – blogs and social media. If you know Photoshop, it is a plus.

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