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Online Reputation Management – What You Should Be Doing?

Online Reputation Management

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The online reputation of your business is something that can have a great impact on the way your business is perceived by the people. When people search for your business, they come across the company website, social media links and other related information, considering that any particular person checks all of them, it is important to create a good impression through all these links. The important aspects that must be considered include:

What are your customers saying about your business, products or services?
What information are they reading about your business practices?
What sources are used to talk about your business?
For creating a positive reputation on the web, initially it is important to know the answers of these questions. If no one is talking anything about your business, that’s also not a good sign. In case you have a poor online reputation, then it is important to improvise on it and in case there is no online reputation then it is important to create one. Online reputation is all about establishing your business as an authoritative and trustworthy resource; it’s also about making sure that the most relevant results are shown about your business on the first page of the search results.
Here is an insight on simple strategies that can be used for creating an efficient online reputation:
Optimize Your Website With Your Company Name
Optimize the pages of your website with the most frequently used keyword phrase (this maybe your company’s name). The main reason behind doing this is that you may gain more authority from the search engine. Authoritativeness on a particular topic is one of the main important factors considered by the search engines while matching content to the search query and then ranking the content in accordance with the other results. This will help in providing your website with greater visibility in the search results. If possible, use your company name in the HTML title tag and URL and especially on the pages that describe your company like the ‘About us’ and the ‘Contact us’ pages.
Diversify Your Web Presence
Your aim must be to proactively own as many slots as possible in the top 10 search results shown by Google for the keywords related to your business. This will show the dominance of your company on that particular topic. There are also possibilities of having negative content that you can’t control. For instance, if you own a webhosting company; many people might visit the review websites and cast their opinions; this is something that you don’t have control over. All you have to do is balance the positive content and make your presence felt. Also, it is important to create and maintain a good social media presence. Getting the right benefits from the social media platforms is a gradual process, however once a strong network is established, it will help in establishing the best online reputation.
Don’t Overdo The Backlinks
Search engines make the use of anchor texts for determining the relevancy of any particular page. For instance, if you want a good ranking for any of the article’s that you have written and if many pages on the authoritative and trustworthy websites link to this article with specific anchor text, it helps to rank that article in the search engine for the respective phrase. Getting quality keyword rich anchor text links pointing to your website is of course difficult, however it is important to find the right resources.
Monitor Your Search Results Consistently
Google your company name atleast once a week, do it more often if you have a large company that is in news many times. Preferably, set Google alerts for the important keywords so that you come to know if any new content about you hits the web. When you check the results, don’t just check the first page; its true that most of the people don’t go further; however it is important to check second and third pages as well in order to see if there are any negative results. Considering the fact that there are frequent changes in the search engine results, the content might end up on page one overnight. Keep checking for any content on the second and third pages that might be negative because it might work its way up to the first page within a short span of time. Preferably, you can track the records with a spreadsheet having these columns – URL, page title, status of the page and the sentiment (whether it’s positive, negative or neutral); this will provide you with a clear picture about taking the right steps at the right time.
Counteracting The Negative Content
It is possible to counteract the negative content by contacting the creator, checking the issue and pacifying it. Even if you have the practice of monitoring the results proactively, there are chances that you might suddenly get up one morning and get an unpleasant surprise. If your company is big, there are more possibilities of discovering negative content in combination with your search results. If you come across something like that, contact the blogger, reviewer or the person who created the content right away, and ask if anything can be done for sorting out the issue so that they post something positive about your company. This might take extra time and effort; however the results will have a great impact on your online reputation.
Online reputation is something that defines the company. Posting interesting, informative and valuable content is an efficient way of protecting, managing and monitoring your brand online. This content can be anything related to your business, clients, solutions, products, challenges etc. There are a wide range of things that can be written and posted online; the content can be anything including photos, videos, podcasts, e-books and newsletters. The focus must be on creating as many web resources as possible and populating them with authoritative content. If these things are done consistently, you will be able to protect and grow your brand online to a significant extent.
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