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5 Signs You Need to Change Your Blog Host

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If you visit the top “blogging tips” blogs today you’ll notice a lot of talk about what it takes to build a successful blog; from writing great content to coming up with a plan to monetizing your blog. Essentially, all it takes to build your blog is often talked about except what really matters; your web host.

If you choose the right web host for your blog, you’ll continue to benefit from your choice for years to come. If, however, you chose the wrong web host your blog will suffer from it for a very long time.

Slow loading speed is one of the reasons most people stop visiting a website and a whopping 78% of online shoppers will happily abandon a website if it’s slow. Also, slow websites cost the US economy at least $500 billion every year. And that’s just what we can name. There are countless other problems you will experience with a bad hosting company, some of the most common ones being:

  • Regular hacking of your blog
  • Server crashing due to traffic spikes
  • Users not being able to access your website from some parts of the world

These are just some of the most common problems and you don’t want to discover the others yourself.

If you’re not sure whether it’s time to abandon your host, there are a few signals:

1. Your Website is Going Down all the Time

It’s more dangerous if you don’t know this.

If you’re not sure how to know when your server is down or active, then you should head over to right away and start monitoring your website. There have been numerous stories about people who suddenly disappeared in the search engine rankings due to experiencing a slight server downtime. If your website only goes down for a minute or two once every blue moon, then you don’t have much to worry about. If, however, your website goes down often, you’re probably in danger.

Having a website that goes down all the time not only prevents readers from trusting your website, it can also lead to you losing your search engine rankings.

If you can’t work out a deal with your hosting company to reduce downtimes, get a quality WordPress host.

2. Your Website is Extremely Slow

Of course, your website being very slow isn’t a definitive signal that you need to change your host. There are several factors that make a website slow, some of them being:

  • Having a lot of plugins installed on your server that is using server resources and making your website slow
  • Being on shared hosting when your blog is very popular
  • Using a lot of heavy images on a page a lot of people request every day
  • Hosting your files on another slow server that is affecting your website as a result

These are just some of the reasons why websites are slow and you could check with your host to confirm what issues you’re experiencing exactly, but slow websites could cost you traffic and sales.

If you experience any of the above problems, use Google and other sources online to research solutions to these problems. If you don’t have any of the above issues and your website is still slow or if you’ve fixed the above issues and your website is still slow, then you probably need to change your host.

3. They are Usually Rude or Unresponsive when it Comes to Customer Support

This is perhaps the most important sign on this list; especially if you have a great host, you might not see a reason to dump them at the moment. If, however, they are very poor or even rude when it comes to customer support, no matter how great they are, drop them quick.

I’ve had a similar experience with a “great” web hosting company before; I ignored some of their communication issues because their service was great, and after a few months with them I paid thousands of dollars for a year of dedicated server hosting. This was when the problem began; nothing happened initially, but after 6 months of payment they started becoming a little bit rude whenever I had a complaint. Since I’ve paid a year in advance, I had no choice but to bear with it.

This cost me thousands of visitors in traffic and possibly thousands of dollars in revenue; leaving this host was one of the best decisions I made for my website.

4. Constant Security Breaches

You don’t necessarily have to be affected, but being with a host who is constantly being hacked is a big red flag.

If you’re constantly reading reports about sites on your host being hacked on a consistent basis or even your host being hacked, then it’s time to move on. You need to change hosts.

5. Not Specialized

This actually depends on your situation and your host. If you want quality service and have been experiencing a few problems with your host related to the platform you use, then it’s time to move on. Especially if the host you’re using doesn’t specialize on your platform.

For example, if you’re a WordPress user and are with a host that doesn’t specialize on WordPress, if you’re experiencing constant WordPress-related issues then it might be time to move to a new host.

Joseph is a marketer and blogger who writes for OutstandingSETUP, a web hosting company specialized in providing WordPress hosting to bloggers.

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  1. M Abdul Khaliq ) says: 2/18/2013

    When we decide to change our host, first to considered is complicate issue we face on moving a website content.


  2. WPStuffs ) says: 2/19/2013

    Few months back I had a same issue my blog uptime was just over 70%,Without even thinking on further I moved on to new host and still I am going well.


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    thanks for your sharing the information,but the cloud hosting services is increases rapidly.




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    Thanks, all those negatives you mention are distinct possibilities when someone’s expectations exceed what someone else can realistically deliver.


  5. SFP says: 5/22/2013

    if you’re experiencing constant WordPress-related issues then it might be time to move to a new host.


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