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A Look Back: How Bloggers Can Optimize Google+ Hangouts Efforts

Google+ hangouts are one major Google development that had their time in the spotlight and then faded. Many still use hangouts as a way to talk with friends and family, but there are many untapped features that bloggers can utilize to improve their online visibility and overall brand. As Google+ becomes more and more important in the world of search and social, it only makes sense to use their video chatting service as opposed to another. It’s free and easy to use, but bloggers really need to know: What exactly should I be doing to increase readership and clicks?

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What’s Next for RSS

RSS IconWith the announcement that Google is shuttering Google Reader, its popular RSS reading service, there have been a lot of questions about what is next for RSS, the ubiquitous technology that enables easy syndication of online content.

The questions are certainly valid. Google Reader was by far the most popular RSS reader on the planet. It had been dominating the market for years and, for many users, Google Reader was practically synonymous with the term RSS as it was their only direct use of the technology.

But with the key player gone, what’s next for RSS? Will social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, become replacements? Will people switch to alternative feed readers? Or will something else altogether different happen?

I’ve been thinking about this a great deal lately and, though a lot of people are understandably pessimistic about RSS’ role as a user-facing technology, I’m starting to become more optimistic. Though the removal of Google Reader is definitely painful in the short term, in the long haul it could lead to some great new tools, things that would not have been possible with a stagnant Google product dominating the market.

So what’s next for RSS? Here are my (brief) thoughts on the matter. Read More

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Blogging Pro Job Board Highlights (Mar 18-22)

Blogging JobsHappy Friday once again. Here’s to an awesome weekend ahead!

Here are the highlights from this week’s Job Board.

Auto Blogger

This gig is for passionate auto enthusiasts who can write decently. You need to have your own voice backed with expertise on the various subjects covered by the blog. This is a telecommute position.
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An Introduction to mail subscription plugins

pluginsWhat is the point of writing so well if there is no one to read it? You can make your site look really attractive and give highly valuable content, but if you are not getting enough viewership, then you are merely watering the soil without sowing any seeds.

Some people would have stumbled upon a brilliant post of yours somewhere on the web and would want to read more of it as and when you post them. But, they can’t keep checking your site every day to keep track of your updates. So, to help them and yourself, there are plugins that help you send out an e-mail to people who opt for the service, everytime you update your site with a new post. That way you don’t need to reach out to them personally everytime, but the reader will still learn of the new post through the automatically generated e-mail and even a link to the new post. Read More

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How Google Get You to Their Site – Top Lessons in Internet Marketing and ‘Real Company Stuff’ From Google

When it comes to internet marketing, it’s safe to say that Google are the masters – in fact they pretty much invented SEO (intentionally or otherwise) and most forms of marketing are reliant on the search giants to some extent. But there’s a bit of a paradox there if you look closely, that being that Google is the perhaps the only site on the web to whom SEO doesn’t apply. There’s not much point in Google trying to get to the top of the SERPs, seeing as you’d have to be on their site already for that to be any use…



So what does Google do when they need to get hits/attention? How do they ensure people keep talking about their service and keep coming back? They do what any business has done for years: proper, old-fashioned marketing and PR.

This is something that’s very relevant to other webmasters today too. With the changes to SEO lately causing a lot of disruption in the industry, it’s this kind of old fashioned marketing and promotion – or ‘Proper Company Promotion’/’Real Company Stuff’ as it’s being called – that a lot of web marketers are turning to instead. So what can we learn from Google themselves when it comes to generating buzz for our site and making people want to share? Here are some of their best techniques…

The Doodles


‘Google doodles’ are the images that appear on the Google homepage in the place of the normal Google logo and that are often interactive. Sometimes this will be a static image to commemorate a special date, but in other case it can be more – such as the Star Trek story or the highly entertaining Pac Man game.

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Blogging Pro Job Board Highlights (Mar 11-15)

Blogging JobsGood morning, everyone! Here are the highlights from this week’s Job Board. Good luck!

Freelance Writers and Photographers

Freelance journalists who have extensive experience, you might want to take a look at this high-paying opportunity from USA TODAY. They need people who can find the most interesting angles in complicated stories. And if you’re a photographer, too, there’s even more work for you.
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The Best Fonts (So Far) of 2013

We understand it’s a little too early in the year to be coming out with a “best of” article, but there have just been so many awesome fonts released since 2013 started rolling in to pass on the chance to showcase a bunch of fonts you should be using for both web and print needs. And so without further ado, some of the best fonts released for the year (which is really just the past few months).



Image via MyFonts

A crisp, clean, humanist sans-serif typeface by Mariya V. Pigoulevskaya of The Northern Block based on early 20th century sans-serifs, Baufra features a coming together of geometric design and a natural flow of lines. Perfect for titling and text use, it comes in 6 weights and 435 characters, as well as manual kerning and Opentype settings.



Image via MyFonts

From Rene Bieder comes this solid sans serif typeface. Relatively condensed with a calculated and geometric appearance, RBNo2.1 is great for typography purposes with a technical aspect. The family includes 2 versions as well as 7 weights with matching italics.

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WordPress and 10 Years of Relevancy

WordPress LogoWith the 10-year anniversary of the first release of WordPress coming up on May 25 of this year, a lot of attention is already being paid to the reigning champion of the blogging platforms and both how it changed the Internet and how the Internet changed around it.

On one hand, it’s amazing to look at how an upstart fork of b2/cafelog, one that was created simply because Textpattern wasn’t being updated, came to be such a dominant force on the Web and launch a company, Automattic, that now employs some 150 people worldwide.

On the other hand, it’s easy to look at WordPress as a besieged king. An application and a service created in a world of desktops and blogs now living in a world of mobile devices and social media.

It’s obvious that WordPress has helped to shape the Web we’re in today. It’s used by millions of blogs large and small, including many of the most popular sites on the Web. However, the question remains, will WordPress and the WordPress platform be as important in the next ten years as it has been the previous?

It’s tough to say, but I agree with Matt Mullenweg that there are a lot of reasons to be optimistic.

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Blogging Pro Job Board Highlights (Mar 4-8)

Blogging JobsGood morning, everyone! How much were you looking forward to Friday this week? Well, it’s here now, so you can rejoice all you want! Here are the highlights from this week’s Job Board, which I hope will give you even more reason to enjoy your day.

Have a good weekend!

Bilingual – Spanish/English – Freelance Writer

Can you speak and write in English and Spanish? Put those skills to good use, and apply for this freelance position. You’ll be writing content for B2B trade magazines.
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How to Market Your “Boring” Blog

imagesBlogging has proven to be a successful channel for increasing engagement between brands and customers. But not every company is as sexy as MTV and can blog about celebrity spotting and free concert tickets. What about those of us with a business blog focused on potted plants or network servers? Can these “boring” brands possibly create an intriguing blog?

The answer is, yes.

In fact, niche companies can have an easier time blogging than bigger brands since they have a niche audience. These simple steps can help even “boring” brands create a compelling blog. Read More

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