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How to Promote Your Website: Part Three – Measure Results

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So far we have already looked at the other two key aspects in promoting a website in great detail. These are firstly, creating the right content and secondly promoting that content. Promotion includes things like using the right keyword phrases to optimize content so as to attract traffic from search engines as well as using social media amongst other techniques.

Now we will examine the last key pillar in the successful promotion of a website which is measuring results.

Why measure results?

Why is it so important to measure results? Actually failing to measure results is like working in the dark where it becomes impossible to see what you are doing. Corrective measures and adjustments are therefore out of the question and are never made.

Secondly online marketing like any other marketing is complex in nature which means not everything that is done will work or reach expectations. Measuring results is the only way you will be able to identify what is working and what isn’t.

Clearly anybody who does not carefully measure their results in online marketing cannot claim to know what they are doing.

How to measure results:

There are several aspects that need to be measured in every marketing campaign.  I have three major points.

Leads generation:

First is the generation of leads. This will usually come from different sources, for instance from social media and from those who visit your website. Lead generation is critical because the more sales leads you are able to generate on a regular basis the more sales you will ultimately make. Measuring your results will be able to show you the most effective way you currently have of generating leads.

Conversion Rate:

Another key feature that always needs to be measured is the rate of conversion. What percentage of your leads is being converted into paying customers? Many times you may find that leads from a certain source will convert much better and much more easily than any other leads you get from elsewhere. All this needs to come out clearly so that you are able to make quality decisions about the future strategy and marketing plans you have for your website promotion.

Help of Tools:
Getting all the information you need will require just a little planning and it is not as complex as it may seem at first sight to the novice trying it out for the very first time. For instance there are a number of helpful SEO tools (some of them use cookies) that will give you plenty of information about the behavior of your prospects and customers on your website. To be able to gain the maximum from these tracking tools you need to know exactly what you are looking for in the first place.

It is important to look at the measurement of results from your marketing differently. It is not simply a chore that is part of the marketing routine. It is in fact a key aspect of successfully promoting a website because it shows you the way and the direction you should take when it comes to online marketing. Indeed it is so vital that without it whatever else you do is unlikely to succeed.



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