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Blogging Pro Job Board Highlights (May 27-31)

job board highlightsGood morning, everyone! How did the month of May go for you? Are you ready to take on June? I hope so!

Here are this week’s job board highlights.

Auto Writer

Drivers News Network is home to all things automotive. Whether you’re a gear-head, auto enthusiast, career mechanic, a road tripper or just looking to buy your first car, we are a one stop resource for all things car-related. They need a writer who is passionate about the topic and can write about various sub-topics. Telecommute position.
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5 Tricks For A Better Facebook Ad Campaign

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

Many online marketers try starting a Facebook Ad campaign once and to their standards fail, leading to never exploring Facebook advertising again. I’ve had many online marketers tell me that the blame rests completely on Facebook, and that it’s just not a great place to advertise online. Is it really Facebook’s fault or is it the online marketer who can’t find a way to make his/her ads work?

A little bit of both I think. See… some brands just won’t do well on Facebook regardless of the effort you put in. Some brands cover boring topics, and boring topics tend to not do so well on Facebook. Especially with Facebook advertising. Read More

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Blogging Pro Job Board Highlights (May 20-24)

Blogging JobsHi, everyone! Here are the highlights from this week’s Job Board. If you want to receive this – and all the other great articles served up – every week in your Inbox, don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter! (See the homepage.)

Established Bloggers with 2K+ followers on Google+

Are you a blogger who uses Google+ more than Facebook? Do you have more than 2,000 followers on the platform? If so, Reputation Changer wants to talk with you.
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The Top 5 SEO Do’s And Don’ts In 2013

English: seo block

Every month as Webmasters we ask ourselves what we can do to get more traffic and success with our SEO efforts. Because things seem to change so much in SEO we are forced to constantly change, innovate, and adapt. You could make an argument that this is what makes SEO so enjoyable. It’s challenging and new challenges are always arising. Read More

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How to Create a Mobile Version of Your Site in Just a Few Minutes

mobile version of your site

When 2013 was just kicking off, pundits and aficionados were dubbing it as ‘year of the mobile’. As much as we like to get snarky with the headline catching proclamations, they might actually have been onto something. Taking a look at the numbers between 2010 and 2013, we indeed see that mobile devices’ share of global internet traffic has jumped from 2% to 14%. Research is indicating also that this trend is only gaining steam. Whether in Southeast Asia, sub-Saharan Africa or Scandinavia, there is now an unprecedented amount of smartphone and tablet owners along with unprecedented accessibility to Wi-Fi and 3G networks. Read More

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Why a Tumblr Exodus to WordPress May Be a Bad Idea

Tumblr LogoOn Monday, after several days of rumor and anticipation, word came down that Yahoo! was purchasing Tumblr for the tidy sum of $1.1 billion.

But While Tumblr investors were certainly happy for their payday and the service itself was in desperate need of cash to keep operating, Tumblr users greeted the announcement with significantly less enthusiasm.

But amidst the criticism and anti-Yahoo! jokes was a possible warning sign for Tumblr, namely reports that, the hosted service based on WordPress and operated by Automattic, had seen a skyrocketing level of Tumblr posts being imported to them.

But is WordPress, in particular, really the right choice for angry Tumblr users? The answer isn’t clear. Because, even if it is the best possible alternative, there are still many reasons why Tumblr users won’t be happy on WordPress and may find it a bad fit.

But to decide if it’s really the go-to destination for Tumblr users, we have to look at why it may be a good fit and, more importantly, why it may not. Read More

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Successful Blog Writing For Your Business


There is not enough time to discuss all the different ways that businesses can use SEO services and various SEO tools. We could spend days talking about the best way to build communities around your business, creating keywords, keyword research, etc.

There are many building blocks in the SEO process and one of the ways to obtain successful SEO is to know how to use the building blocks. Blogging is a great method of SEO that helps with creating backlinks, helps strengthen your community, and allows businesses to connect through their customers.

This blog is going to help you with successful blogging for your business. Read More

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Working From Home: 8 Traps to Watch Out For

working from home
Working from home has many benefits, some of which include avoiding traffic, saving money on transportation, having control over the work environment, and not having to dress up decently (if you don’t wish to). However, it is important that, when you enter the world of telecommuting, you are aware of what you’re dealing with.

Consider these eight common mistakes that could derail your success if you ignore them. Read More

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Blogging Pro Job Board Highlights (May 13-17)

Blogging JobsGood morning, folks! Here are the highlights from this week’s Job Board. Best of luck!

Social Media Writer

This one is for beginning writers based in San Jose, CA. A company needs an enthusiastic individual to work on their social media and blogging profiles. College students are welcome to apply.
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What Happens to Your Social Profiles When You Die?

Social profiles

That’s a tad morbid, isn’t it? Well, it’s no secret that everybody born on this earth has to die one day. Nobody is eternal and death doesn’t really send invitations before it takes one away. Taking into consideration that this is the 21st century and majority of the people out there are active members of at least one of the top social media networks, have you ever wondered what the status of your social networking profiles will be when you leave the world? Will they be deactivated or deleted? If so, then how? Let’s have a look. Read More

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