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5 Tricks For A Better Facebook Ad Campaign

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Many online marketers try starting a Facebook Ad campaign once and to their standards fail, leading to never exploring Facebook advertising again. I’ve had many online marketers tell me that the blame rests completely on Facebook, and that it’s just not a great place to advertise online. Is it really Facebook’s fault or is it the online marketer who can’t find a way to make his/her ads work?

A little bit of both I think. See… some brands just won’t do well on Facebook regardless of the effort you put in. Some brands cover boring topics, and boring topics tend to not do so well on Facebook. Especially with Facebook advertising.

Still yet, many brands don’t fall into this “boring category” and yet their online marketing managers still find a way to fail. Why? Well instead of telling you why they fail on Facebook, I’m going to put a more positive spin on things and tell you the top 5 tricks for making your Facebook Ad campaign work!

1. Don’t Do In-Stream Ads

Facebook Ad manager gives you 2 options for advertising. 1) normal ads that show up in the user’s right-hand sidebar just outside of the stream and 2) in-stream ads that show up in the user’s actual stream. The latter just creates anger and hatred! You may get a little bit of performance out of it, but the backlash and bad PR will far outweigh any revenue you generate. Not to mention burn a giant hole in your pocket!

2. Setup Pay-Per-Like

I personally am a fan of setting up my ads as Pay-per-like instead of the traditional PPC or CPM types. I recommend building up your Facebook Page likes through your ads and then go to work on monetizing those who are already Likes. In other words, get the users permission to market to them first. Market later.

3. Target Specific Topics and Pages

The Facebook Ad manager allows you to specify topics and even better, specific Facebook Pages to target to. I highly recommend this as it helps you micro-target and get a much higher click-through rate. Not to mention a much lower CPC.

4. Post 2-3 To Page Per Day

In order to get the most out of your new Facebook Ads you’ve got to keep your Facebook page fresh. 1 post per day is to your page is too few, and 4 posts per day is too many. 2-3 is that sweet spot that works for most successful Facebook campaigns.

5. Post Visual Content

Don’t just publish words and links. Facebook users don’t respond too well to just words and links. You’ve got to leverage visual content i.e Photos, Videos, Memes, Infographics etc. Remember, your ad shows your latest status update so make each update count! Quick SEO tip: there’s a dual benefit here. Agency Platform helped me figure this little trick out. Using your Facebook Analytics you can see which visual content got the most engagement. Use that same visual content as link bait to improve your SEO Link building campaign.

The more obvious tip that I cannot forget to mention here is don’t spam! All people hate spam, but especially Facebook users. They really hate being spammed and rarely do they tolerate it. Make sure you are posting content that is relevant and highly engaging. To back that up, make sure your brand is legitimate and that you take any and all efforts to improve your product or service offering. I shouldn’t have to mention this last tip, but it always amazes me how many Affiliates and Lead Gen aggregators are trying to make Facebook Ads work. Ridiculous! Anyhow… good luck in your Facebook Ad efforts. Hope it treats you well!

This article was contributed by Nicole. She has been blogging about social media marketing for years.

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  1. Jayson Feltner ) says: 5/24/2013

    Very useful info. I’ll have to make this my new approach!


  2. JC says: 5/26/2013

    Great info. I’ve found the biggest problem with some of the businesses I work with is their (lack of) desire to OFFER something extra to their Facebook fans. You have to provide value to your fans rather than just using the platform as an advertising medium.


  3. Rahul Chalana ) says: 5/29/2013

    Great Article! i must say these tips are useful and willhelp in attracting the new readers!!


  4. Minh Nguyen ) says: 6/4/2013

    Number of facebook users is increasing every day.
    Facebook is really an effective advertising channel if known exploit its potential.
    Thanks for sharing your sincerity, I will apply them to the strategic approach of our clients


  5. Posting new pages on facebook says: 6/25/2013

    Thanks for the post, posting new pages increases the randomness which a Facebook user likes the most and it increases the number of likes in turn.


  6. Rahul Chalana ) says: 6/25/2013

    Its true liking other pages will be benificial for us.. we will get more likes in return!!


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