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Alternative Income Ideas for Bloggers

Income ideas for bloggers

Blogging has gone way beyond merely being a creative outlet for the average person. That’s not to say that blogging cannot serve that purpose, but there are various ways to enjoy writing on your blog and making money out of it at the same time. The stark truth, however, is not every blogger will become rich out of the activity. You might not even earn enough from it to sustain your lifestyle!

The good news is that if you are good at it, you just might make enough and still have some time and resources for other money-making activities. There are many other income ideas which you can dwell on if you want to continue being your own person – blogging, writing, fishing, traveling, or whatever floats your boat – without having to take on a day job. Here are three relatively easy alternative income ideas for bloggers.

Freelance writing

The assumption is that you have some writing skills that you can boast of. You’re already blogging, and that means you can string sentences together to make a present a coherent argument or showcase a product. Sure, there are bloggers who give the activity a bad name with their awful writing, but let’s just assume you’re not part of that group. Why not go one step further and hire yourself out?

There is no lack of individuals, startups, and established businesses looking for freelance writers. Regularly visit sites which cater to freelance writers, join forums, and interact with other freelance writers online. At the very least, you can make new contacts and expand your network. Best case scenario: you get paid to write other people’s content!


If you have been smart and have some savings, why not invest and let your money earn for you? One of the more popular “easy” business activities these days is franchising. There is no lack of franchise opportunities all over the world. Naturally, it’s best to focus on your own geographic area. The main benefit of franchising is that you get to own a business without having to start from scratch. That leaves you time to maintain and grow your blog while running another business on the side. (Or perhaps the other way around.)

Naturally, you have to do some studying and digging before jumping into this endeavor, especially if you have had no prior franchising experience. One great resource for you to look at would be, which is targeted as US-based entrepreneurs who want to enter this business niche.

Organizing/holding events

Back to blogging…if you have been an inhabitant of the blogosphere for eons, and you think you know what works and what doesn’t, perhaps you can make extra income by going out of the house. Instead of merely pounding away on your keyboard all day, why not put your skills and knowledge to good use and share them with people who are willing to pay? Organize seminars, workshops, and other similar events.

Of course, this means that you have to have something of value to offer participants. Otherwise, you won’t be any better than snake oil salespeople of old.

How about you? Do you have other sources of income aside from your blog? Care to share with the rest of us?

This article was written by Isaac Morris, a professional blogger that provides tips and information on franchise opportunities and investments. He writes for, the place to find franchise opportunities online.

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  1. William ) says: 6/25/2013

    One thing I have noticed lately is how cheap freelance writers are working for. It is so tough to get paid a decent amount for quality writing. There are so many services out there offering rates that are way below realistic amounts I could consider charging for my time. I guess it would be wise to approach it from a new angle. Focusing your efforts on the quality of your writing opposed to the price. Its a tough market place to compete in right now.


    • rakesh kumar ) says: 7/5/2013

      Instead of writing for pennies i would love to write for my own blog and will try to promote some products through it. I think this way i will be able to earn more money than any things else.


  2. Insurance Jobs says: 7/15/2013

    Certainly a good information to those who seeks job. Most people never know what freelancing is. A lot of work on the internet, however, there are no information how to do it or experience how to work it. Thanks for the tips.


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